Portable Space Heater, Ceramic Heater Fan with Tip Over, Over-heat Protection & Oscillation, Fast Heating Electric Heater for Home Room Office and Indoor Use

Amazon.com Price: $49.99 (as of 01/02/2024 12:22 PST- Details)

Safe for Kds and Pes: The elecrcal space heaer qupped wh an an-l swch o swch off he machne f s over reurned The desgn of “overhea proecon” wll swch off he applance auomacally n case of severe overheang Ths desgn makes he machne safe o pes and chldren

Oscllang Funcon: Ths space heaer s wh oscllang funcon and wll auomacally urn wh an angle abou 70°I roaes for wder coverage, heang your neror spaces quckly, evenly & safely And also avod dry skn caused by one-way heang Good o your famly, frends and you

Convenen Desgn & Hgh Qualy Maeral: Ths space heaer s has specally-desgned handle a he back enables you move and carry around easly Ths space heaer s bul-n hgh qualy maeral, and ceramc heang wll no produce he bad plasc or chemcals smell, keep your ar fresh, perfec for offce or oher small space o warm

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