PTC Car Fan Air Heater 110V 400W Ceramic Energy Saving Constant Temperature Thermistor Insulation Electric Heating Element Warm High-Power Air Heating Tool with Power Plug 3.14″, PTCYIDU Price: $43.99 (as of 01/02/2024 12:21 PST- Details)

šŸ”„SMALL SPACE & BIG ENERGY: This original with mounting holes 110V 400w PTC car fan heater from PTCYIDU are made of high quality has stable working performance and highly strict procedure which is portable and suitable for 0.5 cubic space. Easy to instal and use.

šŸ”„PROFESSIONAL TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE: The PTCYIDU fan heating element is an an automatic constant temperature and energy-saving electric heater, with the characteristics of surface insulation and high safety, PTC thermistor, containing high temperature resistance wire, heated by airflow to control instrument.

šŸ”„INSULATION SURFACE: This PTCYIDU energy saving air heater is designed with surface insulation, high security and high reliability. We also equipped with power supply and wiring for convenience to use.

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