PTC Heating Element 12V 150W Energy Saving Small Space Car Air Heater Ceramic Constant Temperature Heating Element Heaters Heating Incubator for 3D Printer and Pet Drying Box, PTCYIDU Price: $13.69 (as of 10/02/2023 00:50 PST- Details)

1.HIGH HEAT TRANSFER EFFICIENCY: This PTCYIDU PTC Ceramic air heater is made of high quality PTC ceramic heating element and aluminum tube with the characteristic of surface insulation and high security for a long serving time over 50000 hours, low thermal resistance and high heat transfer efficiency.

2.INSULATION SURFACE: This PTCYIDU PTC Ceramic air heater is designed with surface insulation, high security and high reliability. It is designed with mounting hole for easy installation.

3.AUTOMATIC CONSTANT TEMPERATURE FUNCTION: The PTCYIDU heating element is an an automatic constant temperature and energy-saving electric heater, with the characteristics of surface insulation and high safety, PTC thermistor, containing high temperature resistance wire, heated by airflow to control instrument.

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