Durabasics 6 Pack of HEPA Filters Compatible with Honeywell Air Purifier Replacement Filters, Honeywell Air Purifier…

Amazon.com Price: $54.99 (as of 04/10/2023 21:01 PST- Details)

6 Filters Compatible with Honeywell Air Purifier Filter Replacement R – 6 premium replacements for Honeywell True HEPA, Honeywell air filters, HRF-R3, HRF-R2 & HRF-R1 for the below air purifiers Honeywell, including Honeywell air purifier filter HPA300

Replacements for Honeywell HPA300 Filters & More – Fits Honeywell HEPA air purifier and Honeywell air purifiers models HPA090, HPA094, HPA100, HPA101, HPA104, HPA105, HPA105-TGT, HPA106, HPA200, HPA201, HPA202, HPA204, HPA250B, HPA300, HPA304, HPA3000, HPA5000, HPA5300, HPA5300B & HPA8350B.

HEPA 13 Material – Our replacements for Honeywell filters (Filter R only) are constructed with premium HEPA 13 / MERV 17 material to greatly improve the overall air quality of your living space

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