Jafända Air Purifiers for Bedroom Living Room Home Family, Quiet Air Cleaner With Aromatherapy, True HEPA Activated Carbon filters Remove Dust Smoke Allergies VOCs Odors

Amazon.com Price: $79.99 (as of 01/02/2024 11:40 PST- Details)

💝Unique Design Aesthetics.This grey purifiers boasts a mixed-texture snowflake fabric decorative surface and curved lines that create a soft, round, and dynamic appearance.Goes great with home furniture decor.

💝The Latest DUAL IN Technology increases Purification Efficiency By Over 40%. The JF180 True HEPA purifiers is equipped with a double set of air filters to enhance air circulation for efficient purification, and features a frontal air outlet. This innovative technology improves efficiency by more than 40% compared to most traditional air purifiers.

💝The Honeycomb High iodine Value Activated Carbon Filter is 50 Times Stronger Than Other Carbon Sponge Filter.

The JF180 air purifiers features a multi-stage filtration system that includes a pre-filter, H13 HEPA filter, high iodine value activated carbon, Optimized design of multi-wing centrifugal air wheel and Archimedes centrifugal air duct. 99.97% high efficiency rate and a CADR of up to 170m³/h (100CFM), making it effective at removing pollutants such as PM2.5,smoke,pollen,dust,pet odors,cooking odors,VOCs,and more.

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