Commercial Moiswell Dehumidifier 164 Pints Price: $599.99 (as of 01/02/2024 11:43 PST- Details)

👍 164 PPD Powerful Moisture Removal: With a capacity of up to 164 pints (20.5 gallons) of moisture removal per day (90 PPD AHAM), this large de-humidifier is perfect for drying out large spaces up to 7,000 sq ft, including basements, warehouses, grow rooms, garages, wine cellars, and workshops.

👍 Fast and Efficient: Featuring a high airflow rate of 206 CFM, this Moiswell Dehumidifier for large room can eliminate moisture quickly and effectively. It’s ideal for urgent water damage restoration, carpet cleaning, fast structural drying, and other jobs that require fast drying.

👍 Easy Humidity Control: This commercial Moiswell Dehumidifier comes with an automatic humidistat that reads the room temperature and humidity level to maintain the room humidity at the setpoint. It also has an auto ON/OFF feature, auto-restart after power outages, and auto defrost for effortless humidity control.

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