Thanice Room Air Circulator Fan Powerful USB Desk Fan 360° Rotate Personal Cooling Fan Electric Space Heaters 850W/600W/10W Heat in Minutes Portable Heater for Home Office Stroller Camping Black Price: $33.78 (as of 01/02/2024 12:21 PST- Details)

【UL listed for certified safe use】 Auto Safety shut-off system which includes multiple levels of safety for peace of mind when operating the heaters for indoor use.

1. An automatic overheat system will shut the electric heater off automatically when the parts of the heater overheat.

2. Tip-over switch will shut off the heater fan when tipped forward or backward.

3. Power indicator light lets you know that portable heater is plugged in. 4. UL listed for certified safe use.

【Room heaters for indoor use】 9 Advanced PTC ceramic heating element with quick heat technology. The electric heater element provides faster and more efficient heating than traditional heaters. These electric heaters for indoor use maximize heat output without open coils for longer-lasting use. Small heater for office under desk quietest operation without loud.

【Electric heater – 3 heat settings】 Available in winter and summer! 3 settings for the desired comfort- High Heat (850-watt), Low Heat (600-watt), Thanice Room Air Circulator Fan summer cooling use. This portable heater is ideal for warming up or cooling down your space. Made for home and office use.

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