Lumisys Dehumidifier 2000 Sq Ft 30 Pints Best for Large Room Price: $154.33 (as of 10/04/2023 00:16 PST- Details)

ALUMINUM ROTATING KNOB AS A UNIQUE FEATURE: Our uniquely designed Lumisys Dehumidifier knob can be casually rotated to change the set humidity, with the current humidity level displayed on the knob’s centrally integrated LED screen. Tri-color indicator positioned on the knob’s outer ring shows the ambient humidity range.

36DB INDUSTRY LEADING DENOISE FUNCTION: Lumisys Dehumidifier remains whispering quiet at your busy hours, TV binging, and nap time.A 10.04 x 8.66 x 18.11 INCHES SIMULTANEOUS DEHUMIDIFER AND CLOTH DRYER: dehumidify with three operation modes: intelligent mode for daily use facilitated by auto shut-off at your ideal humidity level; sleeping mode for nighttime; continuous mode for efficient drying under extreme moist weather as well as for fast clothes drying.

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