Moistenland Ventilation Fan For Reptile Enclosure Price: $25.99 (as of 10/04/2023 00:17 PST- Details)

Improve Air Circulation: Place the Moistenland Ventilation Fan on the top mesh of the terrarium, it will blow the wind into the reptile enclosure, make the air exchanging, and eliminate odors. Mimic the wind, create a cooling breeze for your pets.

Decrease Humidity Automatically: Set a humidity threshold for your pets, once the humidity in the enclosure is higher than the value you set, the fan will work automatically. The ventilation Fan can efficiently decrease the humidity 3-5% in several minutes.

No Assembly Tools Required : There are two methods you can place the fan for terrarium. Place it on the top mesh, or hook it in the enclosure(Hook is included in the package).

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