Oreck Air Purifier HEPA and Carbon Filtration

Amazon.com Price: $224.99 (as of 01/02/2024 13:10 PST- Details)

RECOMMENDED FOR SMALL TO LARGE SIZED ROOMS: This sleek, modern design makes this air purifier part of any home. It is highly effective capturing 99% of dust and odors in small, medium, or large sized rooms. The Air Quality Indicator Bar lets you know the air quality in the room and will change colors as the air quality increases throughout its use

DUSTSENSE TECHNOLOGY: DustSense monitors, detects and responds to deliver cleaner air

AIR QUALITY INDICATOR BAR: The Air Quality Indicator Bar changes colors based on the number of particles in your air. The more particles in the air the worse the air quality is. It uses 3 different colors, red for poor air, purple for moderate air, and blue for good air quality

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