Rechargeable Small Dehumidifier, Moisture Absorber Price: $34.99 (as of 01/02/2024 12:03 PST- Details)

High-Efficiency Dehumidifying: Crystallized silica gel inside this Small dehumidifier can remove moisture in any enclosed space, like your gun safe, also perfect for bookcases, electronic storage, cars, closets, shoe cabinet, and even bags. Suitable for areas up to 350 square feet. Keep your small area will be dry and odor free

Renewable: Removes up to 6 ounces/170ml of water per charge. Every 10-20 days (depending on ambient humidity), the indicator window will turn pink when the unit needs regeneration. Renew the Small dehumidifier by recharging for 12-15 hours until the beads turn to Blue, can use again

Dual Air Inlet: The dual air inlet design improves operating efficiency, ensuring every silica bead fully absorbs moisture, even in isolated spaces with poor airflow. Easy to use, hang and go, it is spill and mess free

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