Small Portable Space Heater for Indoor Use with Flowing 3D Flame Lighting Design, 1000W Energy Efficient Fast Heating Quiet Ceramic Heater fan for Home Bedroom Office Desk Indoor Use Price: $17.99 (as of 01/02/2024 13:24 PST- Details)

❤ Retro Unique Design: Our space heaters are designed with a unique vintage radio shape and incorporate a simulated flowing lava flame lighting design, the flames can flow with the warm air or the lava flame lighting can be turned on individually to decorate your room.
❤ High Quality Material: The ceramic space heater is made of advanced PTC ceramic heating technology, upgraded ABS flame retardant material that enhances flame resistance, effectively mitigating any risk of fire hazard. 45° tipping protection, space heater shuts off when tipped over (only standing still can output heat for you), sturdy insulated shell, enhanced safety plug to protect your family.
❤ Three Modes Of Use: Light Mode, turn on only the flowing magma flame light mode for decoration. Light and Warm Air Mode, sends air while turning on the flame light. Single warm air mode, just turn on the warm air. The space heater makes less than 30 decibels of noise when used indoors, so the noise is low enough for most people to use it in their bedrooms while they sleep, and it won’t affect your work or life in the cold winter.

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