Small Space Heater for Indoor Use, PTC Electric Heater for Bedroom, 1000W Fast Heating with Thermostat, Overheating & Tip-Over Protection, Portable Small Heater Price: $19.99 (as of 01/02/2024 13:17 PST- Details)

【Fast Heating in Seconds】The round knobs allow you to adjust the heat level, low or high heat, fan with no heat, and turn off the device. 1000W high-power ceramics combined with an airflow system that promotes faster heat release, instantly wrapping your whole body in toasty warmth. Great for taking the chill off a room.
【1000W Warmth Comfort】High-quality PTC ceramic heating elements can also effectively save energy and prolong the heater’s life. For someone who just needs a quick warm up in one room. It is so portable, keeping a room warm instead of heating the whole house.
【For Safety】This indoor electric heater is made of premium flame retardant materials and comes with overheating and tip-over protection, a flame retardant 2-prong plug. An automatic overheating system will shut down the unit when the heater part overheats. If it tips over, there is a safety button at the bottom that will stop working. If it gets tipped over the device shuts off, suitable for an infant room.

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