Small Space Heater, Personal Electric Space Heater 500W, Overheated and Tip-Over Protection, Mini Portable Ceramic Heater for Under Desk, Office, Home, Room, Indoor Use Price: $14.99 (as of 01/02/2024 12:16 PST- Details)

【Dispels Cold Within 2S】: Advanced PTC ceramic heating element, using quick heat technology to achieve rapid heating within 2 seconds. The 500W electric heater provides effective and sustained warmth for homes and offices. It would need to be directly close to you for it to be felt.
【Easy Control Mini Heater】: Personal warmer offers concentrated personal heat that’s ideal for your desktop. Provides safe PTC ceramic warmth while only using budget-friendly 500 watts of power. Simple control and one-step operation. No temp control, just on or off, but it can be left on for hours without getting too hot.
【Safety Protection, ETL-Listed】: The quality of the heater is guaranteed. The electric heaters are made of flame-retardant material with zero fire hazard. The automatic overheat protection system will shut the unit off when the heater component overheats. It has a safety switch on the bottom so if it tips over, it turns off. Perfect for houses that have kids and pets.

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