Tenergy Air Purifier, with H13 HEPA

Amazon.com Price: $98.99 (as of 01/02/2024 13:11 PST- Details)

Clean your indoor air with the Tenergy Air Purifier, designed for small to medium room up to 210 sqft, this high efficiency 82CFM CADR ensures your air is free of wildfire smoke, pollution, odors, and pet hair.

99.97% air filtration – A great air purifier for pets and allergies due to the unique multi-step filtration process. The fine preliminary filter traps large objects like pet hair, H13 better than true HEPA filter captures finer particles from .3 microns or larger, and the activated carbon absorbs smoke and odors.

Natural ionizer – Improve the air purifying efficiency by 14% by using the built-in ionizer to create a electrochemical reaction with particulates. This natural allergen air purifier is capable of producing 6 million negative ions per second and with no harmful ozone, enabling the air purifier to quickly capture and filter particles like dust and pet dander with negative ions.

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