Upenjok Small Dehumidifier 40oz

Amazon.com Price: $43.03 (as of 01/02/2024 11:59 PST- Details)

Efficient Dehumidification – With the ability to extract up to 16oz of water daily, this dehumidifier is highly efficient in reducing humidity levels in small enclosed spaces.

Compact Design – The small size and cube design of this dehumidifier make it easy to hide anywhere in your home. Whether you place it on your nightstand, wardrobe, kitchen, bathroom, or office, it can effectively eliminate dampness and moisture.

Auto Shutoff – The small dehumidifier is designed with a safety feature that automatically stops working when the water tank is full, and flashes a red light to remind you to empty it. The large transparent tank has a capacity of 1200ml (40OZ) and allows you to see the water collection volume in real-time.

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