How to Test Air Quality in Home? -Know your Facts

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With the corona season, everybody worries about their own home air condition more than ever. Even though coronavirus is not airborne, it is quite a good step to be taken. According to the records, more than 60% of Americans are living in air-polluted areas.

Furthermore, the irregular ventilation system in home design is creating this condition worst. If you can design a home with better air quality, it is perfect in every condition. But most of the time, you might live in an apartment or an already designed house. Therefore, ventilation cannot be assured as best. In such a case it is quite helpful to Test air quality in-home by yourself for better health.

It is quite helpful for your health and your pocket. Read the article with How to Test Air Quality in Home- Know your facts with How to Test Air Quality in Home? Read and enjoy

1.Test Air Quality in Home- Go with Your Instincts

The best way to decide you have bad air quality in your home is you. Most of the time bad air quality gives, number of bad health symptoms. Actually, if you got allergies to air contaminants, your hand got the alarm button.

Most people with allergies identify bad air quality in the room. Coughing, Sneezing, Watery eyes, Headaches, Bloody noses are the most common symptoms first.

girl check fever
Check Symptoms from bad air condition

But if the condition is getting worst you might get conditions like Dizziness, Nausea, or sometimes fever. The weird fact is others in the room can also feel the same way.

Therefore it can decide as not an allergy. If you get the same symptoms while you are at home only from time to time. Most of the time issue of the ventilation system is the reason. Lack of oxygen to breathe is directly impacting the brain.

Therefore without hesitation, it is time to make some changes in the home.

2. Check for Molds

Molds aka indoor fungus which you can be seen in walls give respiratory health issues. When these small fungus seeds are added to the air some people get allergies.

Wheezing, couching, bad throat nasal issues are a few examples. But according to the records, these conditions can be serious sometimes.

Most of the time sources for this come from outside. It can be through doors, windows, sometimes you are the career for them. Humidity is the main reason for the growth of these fungi on walls. Sometimes leakage water pipeline or AC outlet is very helpful for these kinds of fungus.

Therefore a better way to clean up mold from the wall is to remove that humidity source first. Otherwise, it might be the same result again.

3. Test Air Quality in Home- Use an Air Monitor

Test air quality at home using an Air Monitor
Test air quality at home using an Air Monitor

Actually, from the name “Air monitor” most of you don’t hear about it in our domestic life. They are some types of equipment used to work with outdoor testing. But now they are available for indoors too. At a reasonable price.

From the technical name, the air monitor is testing the air equipment for indoor like a thermostat. Most of them give real-time analysis of the home atmosphere from time to time.

Most of the air monitors are very easy to handle without any rocket science degree. If you know the EPA standards, it is easy to get your lungs in a better environment at any time.

Measuring capacity and the parameters can change one to another. Depend on your requirement you can choose the best one.

Most of them are capable of detecting carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particulate matter, chemical pollutants, and humidity. The higher number of parameters adds extra cost most of the time.

4.Install carbon monoxide Detectors

Fire Alarm
Fire Alarm

We all know carbon monoxide is a health hazardous gas that is a byproduct of most of our day today. Unlike carbon-di-oxide, its monoxide inhaling gives quick deathly responses.

If you have a number of floors, it is highly recommended to plant them, in each one of them if you are in a noticeable danger.

Most of the time using them in bedrooms and other safe places is a need. Also for the specific time period, their operation should be tested.

Otherwise, you will don’t know until you get consequences even in sleep.
Most houses, hotels, and other important locations have been placed as dictators in the ceiling.

Normally CO (carbon monoxide) is a light gas and quickly going upper areas due to its lightness. Therefore place them on the ceiling. For everyone’s sake.

5. Go with Air Purifiers

More than other methods air purifiers are a better way to detect the air quality in your home. More than that air purifiers are doing their job “air-purifying” which is a plus point.

While you are in sleep or day-to-day work they work for you. There are several air purifiers in the market which are suitable for your requirement. Most of the advanced air purifiers are quite expensive.

Before selecting a good air purifier you have to go with several steps.

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