5 Easy Tips for Nasal Congestion at Night

Nasal congestion

Nasal congestion, also known as the stuffy nose, is a worse situation you can experience on cold nights. With inflames or the irritating of the nasal tissues primarily by cold, flu, allergies, or sinusitis, you can easily get infected with congestions due to lousy air pollutants like traffic exhaust or tobacco smoke.

In the medical records, it is known as vasomotor rhinitis, which means no allergic rhinitis situation.

Besides typical air pollutants, nasal congestion can be developed for several reasons. Examples can be given like Dry air, hormonal changes, flu, high blood pressure, pregnancy, Respiratory syncytial virus, Sleep apnea, cold, alcohol, allergies, etc.

Therefore, from today’s KNOW YOUR FACTS, we decided to discuss how to control this situation with easy few tips. Read and enjoy.

1. Steamy Showers before the Bed

Steam baths a few hours before bed to get rid of stuffy noses is the best way for babies, kids, and even adults. Steam inhalation is a most famous remedy to smooth and relieve by opening the nasal passages when there is Nasal congestion. It eventually looses the dried mucus in the nose and drains before bed.

Also, you can try massage near the area of the skin covering the sinuses. It might be beneficial during the drainage process while at the steam. Alternatively, when you are bathed in a steam atmosphere for several minutes, you may also relax your macules.

Nasal Congestion
Have a Steamy bathe before bed

If you can manage to use a few drops of essential oil is perfect here. For kids, lavender or lemon oil is best. When you have baths, close the windows and doors to seal inside for at least 10 minutes.

If you bathe your child, clap on your child’s chest and back firmly to lose muscles.

Some people find that massaging the skin covering the sinuses promotes further drainage. Taking a warm shower before bed may also help relax before sleeping.

2. Use a Humidifier

Experts say that a dry indoor atmosphere is directly a reason for nasal congestion, leading to stuck mucus in sinuses. Unlike nasal congestion, sinus pain and sinusitis are not won’t typically.

The experts’ idea is to increase the humidity in the room develop an extra benefit to extra drainage of the sinus area.

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Try a Humidifier

Also, you can try essential oils with humidifiers. Mostly

  1. Peppermint oil
  2. Rosemary oil
  3. Eucalyptus
  4. Chamomile oil
  5. Lavender oil

If you are using a humidifier, always clean it and disinfect it. It might control the growth of bacteria or fungi with moisture. Otherwise, it can make worse the atmosphere condition.

3. Try Honey

Honey is named behind one of the most effective medicine you can try for the issues like cough and sore throat, which develops after nasal congestion.

Also, it was found that the rate at which Honey killed the bacteria was way higher than other antibiotic drugs. Therefore, reports have shown that honey consumption leads to curing acute sinus problems most of the time.

Why Honey is very fruitful

1. It upgrade your immune system

With the consumption of Honey out human immunization, the system is getting strengthened and increasing its capacity the fight against bacterial infections

2. Fight against bacterial infection

If you get coughing or soreness after bacterial infections, try Honey, which eventually results will be better.

3. They are antibacterial

Honey is undoubtedly antibacterial. Apart from that, it is antiviral and antiseptic too. It decreases the bacterial responses to the body in illness situations: for example- inflammation.

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Honey is the best

Also, kids are very fond of trying them even daily. But if you have allergies to Honey, do not try it.

4. Try Ginger, Turmeric and Spicy food

Everybody knows spicy foods are good to help against nasal and sinus congestion.

A chemical called “CAPSAICIN” can be found on spicy food, which creates a burning feeling inside kind of relief when you have nasal issues. CAPSAICIN can irritate the mucus membrane, which creates a running nose that drainage the nasal obstacles.

Garlic is a versatile spicy with several benefits and can be used in several foods. It is perfect for a reduction in inflammation and pain in nasal congestion. Also, turmeric has the same anti-inflammatory qualities—the best way to use with tea and hot lemon water.

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Ginger and Tumeric make good remedy

Apart from that, there are several foods that you can try to get relief from nasal problems.

Pineapples, Horseradish, Ginger, and anti-oxidant-rich food, for example, citrus, kiwi, spinach, berries, etc.
Before using all kinds of food, please check them with your allergy condition all the time.

5. Elevate Your Head when you Sleep

When sleeping parallel to the mattress, all the fluid buildup in the tissue quickly line up the nasal passages. Indeed, it blocks the upper airways and creates a very inconvenient situation while breathing—this is the main reason behind developing a more challenging time at Night.

Therefore, we can have identified that nighttime congestion is a matter of human anatomy and gravity. So it would help if you indeed had some heads-up headrest at your bedtime.

bruce mars s8PTWCu5maQ unsplash
Evaluate your head a bit while you are sleeping

That might surely be helpful to drainage the mucus through the throat where it can be swallowed without creating extra pressure to the head even though it was disgusting to hear.

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