5 Public Places Give You Worst Breath


As love to household lifestyle, we all do care about making the comfortable situation daily at our homes. Cleaning, keeping the home atmosphere cool, replacing health protections from time to time we are trying to give much healthy and surrounding all the time.

Normally, more than 80% our the time we spend in our homes daily basis (unless you are a workaholic). Therefore, it is okay to keep your atmosphere clean every time. But what about the public areas.

Did you ever worry about that? Did you have even identified public places which have the worst breathing condition? Because apart from home, you are spending much time in public places. (if you were in a pandemic, you know what I am saying).

From today’s Know your facts (5 Public Places Give You Worst Breath) let’s talk about Public Places Give You Worst Breath. Read and enjoy.

1. Hospital – For the Worst Breath

Hospitals are read as the worst places with air conditions. Diseases with airborne, air contaminants come with sanitary waste, hospitals give your worst nightmares all the time.

Hospital Worst Breath
Hospital – For the Worst Breath

When the coronavirus was out there in its peaks, hospitals were places where must be but you shouldn’t. Apart from that EPA (united states Environmental Protection Agency) gives you several reasons why the hospitals are the worst on this list.

EPA says Hospitals can emit hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) on its daily basis. Mostly POPs (Persistent environmental pollutants ) and Mercury. Mostly dioxin in that pop list.

Normally dioxin is produced in toxicological research and other chemical usages in a small amount. In some hospitals, medical waste incineration does nearby areas.

So eventually, Pops can easily impact your life cycles. Due to it has got a stable half lifetime and easily go through food chains In many countries both the absolute and relative significance activities have been restricted in considerable level.

Also, another main reason issue is mercury. Hospitals are widely using thermometers, blood pressure cuffs, thermostats, fluorescent lights, and other products which release mercury in any leakage.

It can an in-direct impact on anyone with its vapor same as a toxic. Mercury vapor gives you nervous, digestive, and immune systems, lungs, and kidneys, and may be fatal.

Hospital administration has the biggest responsibility to control these kinds of situations.

Apart from that, a hospital is a place to many hazardous air pollutants. Mostly, hydrogen chloride, carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter (PM), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and sulfur dioxide (SO2) and there are many more.

But due to the hospital service is something very important, keeping self-protection is the best thing you can do.

Apart from several diseases, these toxic conditions needed extra protection. Avoid frequent touching, using face masks and sensitizers may be very helpful most of the time.

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2. Subways – For the Worst Breath

Subways are very helpful today with the population. Even though we are using trains daily most people stay there lessor than an hour in metro systems.

Subways – For the Worst Breath

But we can easily expose to harmful atmospherical conditions in the subways at any minute. They have been laid underground and easily can occur a malfunction of ventilation systems are pushing that probability much forward.

Studies say even though systems are in better function a slight risk can be anywhere.

Mostly in metro systems Particulate matter (PMs), aromatic hydrocarbons, carbonyls, and airborne bacteria can be identified as a significant factor that increases this risk.

Therefore if your using metro systems already, reduce the waiting time as possible. Even though proper ventilation is already there make sure to use proper face masks(Bin Xu, Jin liang Hao, 2017).

3. Bars and Casinos Restaurants

We all know Bars and restaurant casinos are places where can expect higher levels of unsafe environmental air conditions.

Bars and Casinos Restaurants

Mostly smoking and the practice of other narcotics this condition can be over the Environmental Protection Agency standards.

Even though you are a non-smoker passive smoke gives an unpleasant experience in some bars. Most of the restaurants are maintaining the smoking area which might be very promising with time.

But besides bar and casino consumers in positions where lung cancers can be consumed higher than living city streets during rush-hour traffic.

In the measurements of secondhand smoke fine particles, over the PM2.5 level can be seen in most casino restaurants which is a considerable factor. PM2.5 particles are capable of penetrating deeper levels through the lungs and cause many health issues.

Unless you are a frequent gamer or having fun in bars, or an employee you do not have to worry about environmental air conditions inside them in random visits.

If you are on a frequent list there is a risky edge to get a lung disease as a long-term outcome.

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4. Working Office Area – For the Worst Breath

Besides our homes, we spend time in our offices. Out of all more than 90 % are not like to work a hectic work lifestyle at offices. That might be the reason in pandemic season, work from home had become a famous concept.

campaign creators gMsnXqILjp4 unsplash
Working Office Area – For the Worst Breath

Sometimes not only the stressful working but also comfortable working background might be an in-direct reason.

Actually, most of the office areas are situated near to the city, the impact of air pollution can be a strong issue. Carbon monoxide, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide are the main air contaminants that can be seen in these urban traffic areas.

Also, there is a considerable amount of risk that occurs from airborne bacterias. Because most of the ventilation systems are not running under proper maintenance and under that reason best environment creates for allergy condition in office areas.

In most offices, it can be seen frequent headaches, sleepy conditions, and other unexplainable infections. The famous explanation is stressful targets and unwillingness to work.

But, ventilation issues and other working environmental problems may be hidden reasons behind all.

If you think there is a problem like that update your Human resource personals is the best option. Otherwise, these kinds of the situation lead to long term health conditions, drug addictions and serious diseases like lung cancers (Reference).

5. Shopping Malls – For the Worst Breath

Every weekday, mostly on weekends thousands of people are coming to malls. We all know it is a place more than for shopping, it a place for social gatherings and other daily activities.

shopping mall
Shopping Malls – For the Worst Breath

Due to this reason, most shopping malls are designed to the center of the cities for easy access. Therefore it a place where all the air-wind atmosphere can easily circulate.

Most of the polluted air in the city with particle matter (PM2.5), CO, and other various polluted air contaminants can easily access into shopping mall atmosphere and convert into a place where gives various respiratory illnesses.

Apart from this most shopping mall has several dress points for shopping. As a daily task, they clean up the clothes using dry cleaning systems.

These dry cleaning methods are using very strong cleaning chemical compounds that obviously release into the atmosphere every day. Same with food preservatives and food preparing compounds.

But they are some contaminants no one gets noticed as harmful to breathe.

In most shopping malls, most designers are trying air purifiers and better ventilation systems all around to control that worst breath. But the practical situation is, it is quite expensive to maintain such infrastructure in an urban area under perfect environmental regulations.

Because due to enclosed areas, a higher air pollution ratio can be seen in a mall than outside.

So better way is to protect yourself with better face making and spending lesser time with pointed risk areas for everyone’s sake.

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