What do you Know about Asthma Attack? – Know Your Facts

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With the pollution of nature, you may hear several new diseases from time to time. Covid 19 is the nearest example. If You are a person who read this in 2021 you know what we talking about. Even not like such pandemic, there are kind diseases that developed with help of bad environmental conditions. If you call “Air Pollution”, Asthma Attack, or asthma is one of kind quick disease come to our mind. According to Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 13 people in States has got asthma which is a serious condition. Therefore, it important to talk us this in What do you Know about Asthma Attack? – KNOW YOUR FACTS today. Read and Enjoy.

What is an Asthma Attack?

Actually, asthma is a long-term disease that develops related to your respiratory system. In other words, it affects your breathing directly. Basically, if you got asthma your inner side of the airways of the respiratory system gets inflamed and thicker mucus.

Normally everybody Which is a more than normal condition. Due to that breathing feels like tightening of muscles around your airways. In other words, you have to give an extra effort to breathe.

Does Asthma Attack Dangerous?

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Yes it is dangerous

Actually, asthma is a very dangerous health condition if you neglect it. According to records, each day, ten Americans die from asthma in the united states. But the fact is, asthma is a very easy disease to control with better treatments.

If every follow a better routine two out of three asthma deaths could be prevented every easily.

What are the Symptoms?

It is very important to know the symptoms of this disease even though you have or not. Because if someone shows disease symptoms being helpful is most wanted.

  1. Coughing continuously
  2. Chest tightness
  3. Try to rapid breathing
  4. Severe wheezing
  5. Pale, sweaty face
  6. bloodless lips or fingernails
  7. Hard to talking

Sometimes you have separate kinds of symptoms depend on your conditions. Maybe you are not in serious condition. But If your doctor prescribes you some guidelines follow them even the symptoms got to vanish.

What are the Basic Triggers of the Asthma?

One of the best ways to control asthma is to manage the main triggers. Most air pollution triggers the reason behind this. But these triggers are different in effection person to person. Unexposed to those triggers gives better protection than medicine anyway. One of the reasons why it says “ Prevention is better than Cure”.

1. Cigarette Smoke
2. Dust mites
3. Outdoor air pollution
4. pet dander
5. Molds
6. Exposure to Cold
7. Emotion anxiety and stress

If you are open to Asthma, you should have a personalized management plan to be un expose to these triggers. You can get help from an allergist for this kind of situation. When you are familiar with the plan everything becomes normal with life anyway.

What can You do if you have An Asthma Attack?

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Help others with quick asthma attack

Actually, if you got asthma always you need to update an action plan. It should include What should you do daily, What should do in Emergency conditions, what should your close ones know to do in an emergency.

If someone gets a sudden Asthma Attack what should do.

  1. loose his tight things.
  2. Sit him upright
  3. Stay him clam down
  4. Help to Use medication – Inhalers
  5. Monitor any changes
  6. In emergency call 911

What should you do to be away from Asthma Attack

  1. Get away from the asthma triggers
  2. Get doctor consultation and update be with your existing condition
  3. Take caffeinated beverages
  4. keep the extra inhaler in your pocket
  5. inform your close one about the situation
  6. Use air Purifiers to clean air

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