Can Air Purifiers handle the Pet Odor? Know Your Facts

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We all have pets, right? I meant most of us. Because in the united states over 65 % of households have any kind of pet according to records. Mostly it might be either a cat or a dog. Even though we all love the companionship of our pets, one main issue we don’t want to handle is their unpleasant pet odors. Some of them give allergies too. As a solution, trying an air purifier is the best “ recommended solution”. But, even they said so, do air purifiers remove that bad vibe 100%. Let’s figure out from today know your facts.( Can Air Purifiers handle the Pet Odor?) Read and Enjoy.

Why do pets give bad odors?

Before going to air purifiers, it is better to check the reasons for the bad odors. We all know unlike humans, animals are not fond of clean themselves right?

Normally, they are sleeping, eating, resting in dirty surroundings. Therefore, they easily can give smelly noses even in bedrooms or dining rooms.

Apart from that following reasons give extra help for bad odor.

1. Dental Problems

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Reasons for Pet Odor

We all know pets like dogs, cats are an unhygienic lifestyle. After eating stuck plaque and tartar on their teeth give bad smell with the longer period of no-brush.

Not only pets but we too. Also, due to this their gum can be easily get contaminated by germs. Which creates an extra smell.

We have seen some owners try to brush their teeth from time to time to keep them in good hygiene even though it is a much hard thing to do.

But if you can take it once a while to a professional veterinary teeth inspection. It might be helpful for both you and your pet anyway.

2. Ear Infections Pet Odor

Normally, pets are frequently sleeping on the floor. So their ears can be easily targeted by ticks.

Also, they are very sensitive to hormonal issues and other kinds of allergy conditions. Therefore their ears can easily be infected and need to be cleaned from time to time.

Otherwise, they give a horrible smell, which cannot be disregarded. Proper clean, good bathes, and keep them dry will be very helpful to have them as family companions.

3. Gases and Anal sac Diseases Pet odor

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Find out reason for Pet odor

As humans, we also have an intolerance to some foods which pass gases even in public.

So to animals, it can be a surely uncontrollable situation. By taking proper health tips and a food schedule you can minimize the situation in a better manner.

Sometimes it can be bad health situations that come in the digestive system. Therefore proper veterinary guidance will be much helpful every time.

Another thing which gives the bad pet odor anal sacs. Sometimes it might be the main reason for stinky pets. Normally, they try to keep their bottom areas clean as possible (even though it is hard to watch).

But if they have some issue they give a noticeable smell or they try dragging their bottoms on the ground. This might be a good sign to see a vet for proper guidance or otherwise, the situation might get worst.

Likewise, before trying an air purifier, it is better to control the “situation” which is the best option you can do.

Do All air purifiers Remove the Pet odor

Actually, it is kind of a tricky question. We cannot 100% guarantee air purifiers remove the odor of pets completely.

Air purifiers do the cleaning process of the air not just remove the odor only.

There are several air purifiers in the market depend on the number of requirements.

Most of them are designed to remove the allergy air contaminants. Some of them are for bad odors, smokes, air pollutants also.

If you select an air purifier assuming a pet purifier is good for all the issues from coming from a pet, you are wrong. It may be designed for

  1. Allergy condition made by pet
  2. Bad odor given by pets
  3. Remove the hair fallen by pets

Most of the time, they have been named after allergy conditions that are given by pets. Even though all of them certain specific qualities in certain percentages.

So it should be the correct air purifier. Not randomly selected one.

So What is the Best Option For Pet Odor

Out of the most experiences and reviews, a Carbon filter is can be recommended as the most appropriate air purification filter for removing the pet odor.

As we know activated carbon filters are using to remove the Ozone amount in the atmosphere.

Why activated carbon filters are the best option?

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Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon air purifiers have included their own replaceable activated carbon filter. Unlike other filters, these activated carbon absorbance surface area is much higher than the normal one.

It has included micro and macropores which absorb the odor particles from an air sample.

But same as normal air purifiers, activated carbon filters have to be placed from time to time.

Due to they can capable of filter pollutants, Odors, VOC, and other small particles due to small pore size its filters need to be replaced from time to time.

Is that enough?

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Pet Clean Best Option

The use of an air purifier is not the best alternative option for the bad odor of pets.

You need to remove the source too for maximum benefits.
Keep pets in good hygiene is a long shot.

But sometimes they can easily take any contaminants from outside. Mostly their urine or feces.

In such conditions remove and clean those are the best option. Sometimes places can not be directly identified and reached. In such cases, usage of an air purifier might be helpful anyway.

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