Best 5 Reasons You Need an Air Purifier During Winter season

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Air purifier during the winter season is a major requirement as same as a heater. Due to the fact that the majority of us suffer from respiratory system-related medical conditions, I believe that everyone should be aware of the wintertime practice of using an air purifier.

According to my own experience, the winter atmosphere is significantly more polluted than the spring atmosphere.

In today’s Know Your Facts, we will examine the top reasons why you should get an air purifier during winter.

01. Heater Dust Allergies Are Removed by an Air Purifier During Winter

The use of a heater in the winter season is pretty comfortable and cannot be complained about, especially if you have a furnace in your living room.

Despite the fact that each time I experienced a furnace, there was some inconvenience in enclosed interior environments. I was more frequently dissatisfied with dust and other burned oil products, such as volatile organic compounds.

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Furnaces are heating dust allergies – Reasons You Need an Air Purifier During Winter

Using an air purifier, we can simply offer certified protection against allergens and medical conditions caused by VOCs and dust particles in the winter.

Particularly, activated carbon filters in the majority of air purifiers are capable of absorbing these gases and volatile compounds more effectively than HEPA filters and enhancing the protection against dust.

02. Air Purifiers Are Quite Good with Pet Dander

Similar to you and I, our pets are also discouraged by the harsh winter weather. Particularly cats and dogs. In cold weather, their top coat retains body temperature similar to a blanket, but it may be readily dislodged to relieve dander.

Therefore, in the winter, this dander can quickly spread throughout your living room and become firmly lodged between all surfaces.

Air Purifier During Winter
Pet dander can easily spread in winter in indoor areas

If you have a family member with an allergy, as I do, this can be a bit of an awkward scenario. Air purifiers are the most effective personal protection measure you can take.

Pet dander is relatively greater compared to other fine contaminants. The majority of air purifiers’ filtration systems are able to successfully filter and discard those contaminants during the routine filter cleaning process.

03. Air Purifiers Filter Air Borne Pathogens

Aside from pet dander, the majority of my interior spaces were always susceptible to airborne diseases in the winter.

Other than heaters, if you’re a big fan of humidifiers like I am, there is a possibility of establishing pathogen-causing mold in your home throughout the winter.

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Spread of mold in winter is one reason to develop indoor harmful pathogens

Significant number of people suffer from mold-related symptoms in the winter, including stuffy nose, asthma, red or itchy eyes, and skin-like conditions.

Aside from that, personally I am not comfortable with the presence of airborne infections in interior environments. In such circumstances, air purifiers are an excellent alternative to consider.

There is a greater confidence that HEPA-filtered air purifiers will filter particles as fine as 0.3 microns if they are purchased. Personally I prefer that mental satisfaction form an Air Purifier During Winter.

04. Air Purifiers Are Helpful with Sleeping Patterns

The nighttime chill of the winter season is highly conducive to restful sleep. However, if you suffer from nasal congestion or breathing issues at night, any type of winter indoor air pollution will undoubtedly disrupt your sleep.

Other than during the day, maintaining a healthy environment at night is essential, and there is nothing you can do about air pollution while you sleep.

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Indoor air quality directly impact on your sleeping patterns – Reasons You Need an Air Purifier During Winter

If you are able to install an air purifier next to your bedroom, this condition might be reduced significantly.

The majority of allergen-causing microorganisms in the bedroom are adhered to the walls, and during the winter months, the situation worsens due to the lack of air.

In such situation make sure to select a suitable air purifier during winter and place it properly. Your Morning wake up surely will be ” rise and shine” .

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5. More Indoor Times and Less Indoor Ventilation

Despite the fact that, as an air quality consultant, I spend the most of my wintertime working hours’ outdoors, we all prefer warmer, more comfortable environments indoors.

The majority of holiday days towards the end of the year are spent at home, which greatly increases indoor air pollution.

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Make sure to maintain your ventialtion – Reasons You Need an Air Purifier During Winter

Aside from this, during the winter we do not open our windows and doors as frequently, which reduces airflow and exacerbates the condition.

Having an air filter over the winter would significantly alleviate this issue and make Christmas ventilation more convenient.

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