Air Purifier Pros and Cons in 2022

Air Purifier Pros and Con

Before selecting any consumable product, checking out its advantages and disadvantages is customary. If you also searched the place to check Air Purifier Pros and Cons before buying yours, you came to the right place.

Without further due, let’s get started. This is Air Purifier Pros and Cons in 2022 with Lassowond-Know Your Facts. Read and Enjoy.

Air Purifier Pros

1. Minimize the impact on the Respiratory system

Do you know that every 9 out of 10 people are exposed to pollutant air, and there are over 7 million deaths annually from exposure to air pollution, according to WHO records, . Als ofine particles in polluted air that penetrate deep into the lungs and cardiovascular system cause diseases including stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, and respiratory infections, including pneumonia.

Air purifiers filter most of these air contaminants and reduce the impact to a significant level. According to research findings, filters like High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) can be capable of removing 99.97% of particles (≥0.3μm in diameter) in specifically identified closed areas.

Air Purifier Pros and Cons
Air Purifiers help to keep your breathe clean – Air Purifier Pros and Cons

On the other hand, most air purifiers can remove several air pollutants like particulate matter, pet dander, dust, smoke, and more.

2. Helpful in Seasonal Allergies

In spring, allergies are a common situation most of the community face. Over 25 million people in the U.S. are diagnosed with seasonal allergic conditions every year. Mostly like;

  1. Allergies
  2. Rhinovirus
  3. Lyme Disease
  4. Pink eyes
  5. Asthma Attacks

Air pollutants like pollen and mold in spring are pretty hard to deal with for a specific amount of community.

Even though people change their residents into less influential areas, a practical option is controlling the indoor pollen and other pollutants in spring.

Most of the air purifiers in the market are capable of filtering allergens. Other than that, there are specifically designed air purifier categories for this filtration task.

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3. Keep Your Skin Healthy

Recent studies have proven that air contaminants can impact our skin with dust, cigarette smoke, smog, and several longer-term existing air pollutants. They can cause skin abnormalities like rashes, skin allergy conditions, accelerated ageing, and many more.

kevin laminto LL1vA5sUs6g unsplash
Air Purfier Keep Your Skin Healthy Air Purifier Pros and Cons

According to the world health organization, there are four main reasons behind air contamination.

  1. Particulate matter
  2. Ground-level ozone
  3. Nitrogen dioxide
  4. Sulfur dioxide

Luckily most of these air contaminants can be easily filtrated through air purifiers.

Even though with the consumption of the antioxidants, sun creams skin can be upgraded specific level, clean air is a hidden long term option we can try.

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4. Help for Better Sleep

There are several reasons behind having a night of insufficient sleep at night. Daily caffeine intake, pressure lifestyle, medicine, a conformable environment like the list goes on. Nevertheless, one key factor behind this is terrible atmospheric conditions.

According to records, sleeping is an activity that involves our brain, and without having proper respiration, it does not get the required oxygen supply to maintain that operation.

alexandra gorn smuS jUZa9I unsplash 3
Air Purifier helps for Better Sleep Air Purifier Pros and Cons

Due to sleeping being a fundamental human requirement and cannot be handled manually to maintain proper atmospheric conditions, air purifiers create a much more convenient environment.

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5. Remove Room Odors

Having indoor odors is a common thing. Nevertheless, dwelling with it is your option. Mostly in, restaurants and other low ventilated areas maintain their own bad smell, which cannot be easily removed. There are several reasons behind the foul odor.

  1. Having not proper hygiene
  2. Food leftovers
  3. Dust, hair, and dander
  4. pet wounds
  5. No proper ventilation
  6. Dirty Laundry & Smokers and more

Most of them can be easily fixed, but if you live in an apartment and have a busy lifestyle, the lousy odor cannot be removed with a short bit of effort.

In that case, having air purifiers is the top solution you can try. All kinds of air purifiers cannot remove the odor through their filtration systems.

However, there are specifically designed odor removing air purifiers while handling its purification.

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6. Reduce Passive Smoking

Smoking is a bad habit at any particular bit of level. According to the CDC, over 30.8 million smokers are adults in the united states and over 6.7 million (25.3%) middle and high school students face secondhand smoke (passive smoking) due to their grownup.

Even though we assume that active smoking is the most hazardous activity, passive smokers are the community who suffer the most because there is no filter involvement. In that list, your family members, kids, and other close people stay on top of that.

mathew macquarrie lzcKZlVPYaU unsplash
Air Purifier Pros and Cons Smoking – Air Purifier Pros and Cons

Air purifiers are specially designed to remove smoke and smoke odor that most people cannot tolerate. Regular tobacco blends over 7000 various types of chemicals and most of them are renamed under the toxic and odor developing compounds.

Activated carbon filters in air purifiers efficiently absorb most of these pollutants at a significant level.

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7. Protect from Dust

Dust allergies are allergy conditions like asthma caused by dust. Common symptoms like Sneezing, congestion, Postnasal drip, Facial pain, coughing, skin abnormalities (Itching, red), Nose itchiness, and throat pains; Red and itchy shows if you have got sort of health conditions too.

Besides washing your sheets, keeping low humidity, and vacuuming, air purifiers are the best option against dust allergy conditions.

Double-layered micro filter bags and HEPA filters are more helpful in filtering these with higher efficiency.

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Air Purifier Cons

1. They are Noisy

The main reason behind air purifiers’ noise is the clogging of the impurities. With time, there is a chance to increase it.

But with the latest design, most of the purification processes are coming under “sleeping quiet” mode, which says the noise is very low.

chairulfajar wR5u40w3GMw unsplash 1
Some air purifiers are too noisy- Air Purifier Pros and Cons

However, the practical situation is that the noise can not be 100% removed, and some people have found out a bit annoying.

2. High Energy Consumption

Air purifiers’ energy consumption varies between 40 watts – 200 watts at maximum level.

However, most air purifiers vary in the 100-watt region, and the practical situation is that there are electrical goods with comparable high energy consumption. Check followings;

Electrical GoodEnergy Consumption ( Watt )
Stand Fan75
Ceiling Fan100
Rice Cooker1400
Washing Machine3000
Water Heater12000
Energy consumption by household goods – Air Purifier Pros and Cons

3. Time to time Filter Replacement

Most air purifiers come with filters, while some include ionizers and absorbance materials. Nevertheless, the practical situation is that most of these need to be replaced from time to time.

Filters are not high cost as purifiers, but eventually, they have to change. Most filters vary between 9 to 12 months in their lifetime, and others can be reused after washing again and again. It might depend on the quality of the atmosphere and surrounding air pollution.

4. Need a Closed Space

One of the specific requirements of the air purifiers is their operation in closed areas. Placing a purifier in the open area leads to clogging its filter in a short period of time.

emily wang Wv65tpVIdDg unsplash
Closed areas are must option for air purifiers- Air Purifier Pros and Cons

The value is known as CADR, the Clean Air Delivery Rate, which measures the air purifier’s efficiency, directly depending on the size of the room where you are going to place the air purifier.

Most of the time, air purifiers are designed for office areas, bedrooms, and cars, like closed locations.

5. Need Significant Space

The latest air purifiers come with a 360-degree operation, so the space around them needs to be accessible without any hindrances.

The practical situation is that air purifiers are designed to stay with a bit of space.

  1. Not near walls
  2. Not in a small packed location
  3. Not near electrical devices

The practical situation is that it is not quite hard to find such a location because of its size.

6. Emit harmful substances

Older designed air purifiers like ozone and ionizers come with harmful compounds.

But lately, they have been replaced with physical filters like HEPA and absorbance like activated carbon; a safe environment has developed around air purifiers.

7. Develop Air pollutants in Air filters

This is a disadvantage of air purifiers because the filter clogs with contaminants. Eventually, replacing them is the best option which can try.

air filter g828f60e52 640 rotated
Contaminate the Air filters- Air Purifier Pros and Cons

Old air purifiers do not have a notification system that gives an idea about filter clogging, but technology has developed to alert it into your mobile phone.

When you do not replace air purifiers, these contaminants can easily interact with each other and make the situation worse.

Other than these, there are several Air Purifier Pros and Cons. Some of them are not specific to air purifiers. But it might be helpful when you are selecting new.

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