What is a HEPA Filter Air Purifier? Know Your Facts

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If you are not an air purifier fan, this word may be not quite familiar to you. But if you are a fan of disk drives, medical devices, or semiconductor devices you might hear this word, HEPA filter. Before purifiers came to the stage HEPA filters are very famous in tech. world. Actually, in HEPA purifiers, we are using HEPA filters as the main working system. Anyhow without any further due, let’s discuss What is a HEPA Filter Air Purifier? Know Your Facts. Read and Enjoy.

What is HEPA ?

According to records, HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Performance Air. Initially, these were engaging with tech. devices as a contaminant filtration system. In world war 2, HEPA-designed filters were very helpful in atomic bomb testing’s in the Manhattan project. They were capable of filter atomic toxic atmosphere in a gas mask. In the early 1950s, they were commercially made as high-efficiency filters. After a few years, the HEPA filter has become the main filter for many purifiers.

Nowadays HEPA filter is very famous as one of the best against the COVID-19 virus. Neither any seller has confirmed that. But society has identified it as the best helper for a good ventilation system.

What is the Technology behind this ?

Basically, early days scientists designed HEPA filters with a mixture of asbestos and cellulose. On those days they knew, filter size of 0.3 microns was suitable before atomic contaminants. According to standards, HEPA shows 99.97% efficiency particles with 0.3 microns. Other size particles just increase that value only.

Newly designed HEPA filter comes with fiberglass. Depend on the qualities of that, filtration efficiency is decided. Therefore HEPA filters are capable of filter particles other than gases and odors. HEPA works well with a large particulate matter like debris, allergens, pet dander, pollen, and dust mites.

Even though HEPA filter or purifiers are branded after “HEPA”, it does not mean they are 100% following that technology. Sometimes they do follow sort of percentage of it. Also there is no exact laboratory to recommend for that.

HEPA vs Others

As mentioned before there are HEPA filters as well as standard normal filters for air purifiers. Each filter differs from one another depend on different reasons.

PurifierHEPAStandard Air Purifier Filter
Filter ParticlesDebris/ allergens/ pet dander/ pollen/
Humidifier dust,/ nebulizer drops
Pollen/ dust / sanding dust/ spray paint dust, textile /carpet fibers
Filter Particle size1~3 microns3~10 microns
Efficiency90-95 %35-70 %
RequirementLaboratory/ HospitalsDomestic
PriceRelatively ExpensiveRelatively Low
Table of HEPA filter vs Standard Air Purifier Filters

Actually, there are several filter purifiers in the market. Even so, most of
the reviews and the expert idea is to go with HEPA as possible. Even though
they are relative over price, with COVID-19 everyone tries to make it possible. With portable HEPA are coming to the trending market tomorrow it will become helpful for all.

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