24 Hours ON Air Purifier. Is it Okay?

24 hours

If you are also a person who has already taken an air purifier a few days ago, there is a question that comes to your mind. “ is it okay to keep it on 24 hours per day?”.

There are over 180 million Americans who are suffering from harmful air quality levels due to several issues in the indoor and outdoor atmosphere, and they also had the same question same as you guys one day.

When you select one or start to use an air purifier, this factor should need to be checked for good consumption in the future and on an excellent maintaining healthy atmosphere eventually.

Therefore, from today’s Know Your Facts, we decided to talk about this topic at the beginning of 2022. Stay tuned. Read and enjoy.

Why should We Need to Keep It 24 hours ?

Air purifiers are designed to filtrate specific air pollutants for a fixed amount of time (depending on the filter) in a given atmosphere, mainly in a limited area of capacity.

When it is Switch ON, the air purifier starts absorbing the outside atmospheric air content through several filtration systems and releases relatively good airways in its operational time.

So if you manage to clean indoor airways properly for a certain amount of time, this air purification system is undoubtedly enough to Switch ON for several hours to finish the job. But unfortunately, things are not working likewise.

Most indoor areas are not 100% sealed for the outdoor atmosphere and can be easily contaminated with outside air pollutants in a short period. Even you run the air purifier to clean the entire room, this thing happens.

24 hours
There is always a way for air pollutants to come inside

Outside airflow can be entered inside;

  1. Directly through the Doors and windows – Natural Ventilation Method
  2. Through the patches and non-properly sealed locations – Leakages
  3. Using ducts and another kind of indoor ventilation controlling methods -Mechanical ways

Through these methods, outdoor air can be easily replaced from time to time every second. Due to these problems, there might be several serious issues that can quickly be developed

  1. Excessive Mold development with moisture
  2. Carbon dioxide leakages with wildfire and traffic air pollution
  3. Chemical by-products and dust can damage indoor furniture
  4. In allergy season, pollen like allergen can quickly increase indoor bad nature vibe of inhaling
  5. In cooking and another kind of smokes can be easily trapped inside
  6. Mostly at night, it can cause life-threatening inconvenience issues due to these situations.

Therefore, if someone says, “even air purifier run for few hours, there is no proper protection,” that might be correct depending on the outdoor pollution level in a selected area of the atmosphere.

james graham t2kqWVyNO7A unsplash
Kitchen Smoke make worse the indoor situation

In fact, Air purifiers are initially designed to use in 24/7 no matter what.

Air purifiers can remove smoke, dust, pollen, air molds, spores, etc. But if you want to remove primary air pollutants like CO2 at a significant level, you have to use a scrubber instead of that.

Also, humidity cannot be removed by air purifiers. There is a dehumidifier for that in the market. But there are air purifiers capable of capturing captured particles and destroying chemicals, viruses, and bacteria.

Also, when the air purifier is running full-time, dust and other kinds of tiny particles settle on walls, mirrors, draperies, and furniture can be easily removed all day along.

Why shouldn’t We Run it 24 hours ?

Even though we assume that air purifiers are doing a great job cleaning your indoor atmosphere, there are some counter-arguments for not using it the day. Let’s debunk them.

1. It consumes electricity in higher level

This is a false argument. When electricity equipment runs like 24hours per day, it seems more “big deal”. But even an air purifier is running fully function ON; it mostly consumes slightly higher than 100 watts.

sharon mccutcheon 8a5eJ1 mmQ unsplash 1
Save your electricity bills

It bit higher than your PS4 gaming setup. Also, 4 or 5 times lower than a fully running refrigerator’s electricity consumption.

For maximum 25USD addition to your bills.

2. Filters need to change all the time

When there is a fully running air purifier at your home, surely the filters need to be changed from time to time. Some people assume that this is a disadvantage of using it.

But replacing air filters directly shows the purity of your breath in your home. So if you got higher replacing cycles other than average, indeed, something is going wrong.

Also, even this feels a bit of high cost; they indirectly reduce your medical bills and keep yours breathe safely in your happy place on the other hand.

3. They are sort of noisy

All kinds of air purifiers run with a fan to grab the air and send it through filters. This process indeed creates a bit of noise, and it can be increased with its operational capacity.

kristina flour BcjdbyKWquw unsplash
Keep things quiet

But you can manage to control or minimize it with a few steps.

  1. There are “quiet” air purifiers in the market with technically reduced noise –Check it before making the best selection
  2. Select a better location – Sometimes higher level of noise may be created by problems in the placing
  3. Check the air filters– A higher level of noise might be a malfunction of the air purifier, sometimes

4. Is It safety ?

They directly ensure your safety all the time and your family members. In fact, they are designed to turn off in any emergency case automatically.

But there is one con on that side. Filters need to be replaced regularly with proper maintenance. Unless they become air purifiers of mobile containers with several allergens and other air pollutants contain filters after they are fully engaged.

So you do not replace them; it might cause extra damage to some sensitive groups inside the home when they are leaked.

The best way to maintain an air purifier is to help it operate as best as possible. That might keep you stay out of many cons at the premises.

So When Should they be off

In conclusion, they are designed to run full-time like refrigerators. You can replace them depending on your choice.

john smit QzdcDywC7GA unsplash
ON or OFF?
  1. When filters are being replaced
  2. When there is a maintenance
  3. in case of emergency

But part-time air purification is not something we recommend. Stay safe.

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