Best Indoor Air Quality Monitors in 2022

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Best indoor air quality monitors in the market have become a trending topic recently due to developing air pollution and several issues in the domestic atmosphere.

Air pollution can be caused by a variety of factors, including wildfires, industrial emissions, and even everyday household activities; as a result, we should be worried about the atmosphere almost all of the time.

Although weather apps and websites can provide you with a rough idea of the air quality in your neighborhood, having an up-to-date awareness of the atmospheric protection that your home offers is a critical prerequisite that these air quality monitors check for.

Before we make a choice, let’s talk about the Best Indoor Air Quality Monitors that Lassowond recommends that are currently on the market. That being said, read with delight.

What is Air Quality Monitor?

An air quality monitor is a device that detects the concentration of common air pollutants. They can primarily be divided into indoor and outdoor groups.

The majority of outdoor air quality monitors are more significant, stationary equipment. However, readings are fairly precise and trustworthy. Standard metrics read by these air quality monitoring systems include:

  1. Particulate Matter (PM 10/2.5/1)
  2. SOx (Sulfur oxides)
  3. NOx (Nitrogen Oxides)
  4. Ozone
  5. The temperature of the atmosphere
  6. Atmospheric Moisture
  7. Wind speed
  8. Radon

With the advancement of technology, however, most of the cumbersome air quality meters have been replaced by considerably more advanced portable sensors.

These sensors are significantly more advanced than conventional air quality meters, with some of them measuring air pollutant concentration in parts per billion.

Indoor air pollution followed by Several reasons

Using a worldwide network of publicly established air quality monitor sensors, variations in air quality are tracked, and early warnings are issued to protect public health and safety.

There are various publicly available air quality meters on the market now for measuring indoor air quality and ensuring your family’s safety.

It is an excellent choice for individuals who frequently suffer from respiratory system-related illnesses and those who place high importance on indoor safety.

Before Select Your Air Quality Monitor

There are various different exterior construction styles available for air quality monitors on the market, despite the fact that the bulk of the sensors and metrics are the same.

The accuracy of the results, the range of performance, and a variety of other elements all have a direct impact on the outcomes, which can vary depending on the combination of all of these aspects.

1. Number one rule of most of these devices

It is not always the case that equipment can provide a general idea of the residential atmosphere.

Multiple sensors within the monitor can only detect with an estimate of precision; it is impossible to achieve 100 % precision.

2. Accuracy might depend on the price tag

The majority of devices that measure air quality are priced, among other things, according to the accuracy of their sensors, the performance range they cover, and the length of their warranties, unless the value of the brand is a consideration.

3. Read your needs

Before deciding on an air quality monitor, you should make certain that the quantity of parameters detected by the device is in accordance with your requirements.

read book
Be aware about your requirements

It is occasionally a waste of resources to allot additional cash to an increased number of parameters that are of no utility.

4. Cross-check

Before you buy an air quality monitor, you should check to see if the number of metrics observed by the device is sufficient to meet your requirements.

There are times when it is a waste of resources to devote additional funds to a greater number of criteria that are superfluous.

5. What about an air purifier

Other items currently available on the market, such as air purifiers, come outfitted with a direct notification system that displays the current level of the quality of the air inside the home.

Investing in a single air purifier that has the capacity for this kind of notification availability can occasionally be more cost-effective than buying multiple individual air purifiers.

However, the choice is completely up to you.

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitors

1. Airthings 2960 View Plus – Radon & Air Quality Monitor

The Airthings 2960 view plus air quality monitor is a member of the Airthings family.

It provides detailed information about a number of air pollutant characteristics by using an Airthings application that operates in real-time.

This product maintains its position at the forefront of the market thanks to its extensive feature set.

1 1
Best Indoor Air Quality Monitors – Airthings 2960
  1. Size –
    a. 6.69 x 3.54 x 1.18 inches
  2. Covered Air pollutants/Parameters –
    a. Particulate Matter -2.5
    b. Carbon dioxide
    c. VOC
    d. Humidity
    e. Temperature
    f. Air Pressure
    g. Pollen Levels
  3. Functions –
    a. Customizable Display
    b. Easy use with both Android/iOS
    c. Radon detector with high accuracy results
    d. Long-term monitoring Results
    e. 2-year Battery Life

2. Awair Element Indoor Air Quality Monitor – AQM8002A

When compared to other types of air quality monitors, the Awair Element Indoor Air Quality Monitor’s extraordinary and appealing design translates to results that have a better level of precision across the board for each measurable parameter.

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitors
Best Indoor Air Quality Monitors – AQM8002A
  1. Size –
    a. 6.06 x 1.8 x 3.33 inches
  2. Covered Air pollutants/Parameters –
    a. Temperature
    b. Humidity
    c. Carbon Dioxide
    d. VOCs
    e. Particulate Matter (PM 2.5)
  3. Functions-
    a. Real-time results through Application
    b. Providing tips and feedback depend on atmospheric conditions
    c. Ingrate with Alexa and google assistant
    d. WIFI/Bluetooth connection
    e. Free companion Application

3. Airthings Corentium Home Radon Detector

One of the most well-known and widely used models of radon detector for the home is the Airthings Corentium Home Radon Detector.

Despite the fact that it is not quite as advanced as some of the other air quality detectors made by Airthings, the results are quite accurate even in the absence of more advanced mobile application-based solutions.

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitors
Best Indoor Air Quality Monitors -Airthings Corentium
  1. Size –
    a. 4.7 x 2.7 x 1 inches
  2. Covered Air pollutants/Parameters –
    a. Radon
  3. Functions-
    a. On screening results
    b. Long-term monitoring results
    c. Fast notifications
    d. Battery powered

4. Airthings 2989 View Radon – Radon Monitor

Although the exterior of the Airthings 2989 is identical to that of the Airthings 2960, it does not have access to a number of the air pollutant parameters.

On the other hand, the Airthings mobile application is able to read remote data with relative ease if it is accessed via WIFI.

Best Indoor Air Quality Monitors
Best Indoor Air Quality Monitors – Airthings 2989
  1. Size –
    a. 6.69 x 1.3 x 3.54 inches
  2. Covered Air pollutants/Parameters –
    a. Radon Sensor
    b. Temperature
    c. Humidity
  3. Functions-
    a. Free Application
    b. WIFI access

Disclaimer: -These are Lassowond Recommendations for your information; please conduct research before making a decision.

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