Best Purifiers for Allergies In 2022

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Having allergies in spring is quite a normal thing. Although for individuals with seasonal allergy conditions, that is a nightmare. Pollen, mold spores, dust, and many allergens impact people’s lifestyles more than we could imagine.

Trying recommended air purifiers for allergies is one of the practical answers to escaping these health problems.

From today’s Know Your Facts, let us talk about these seasonal allergies, why it makes a big deal, and the best Lassowond recommended air purifiers for allergies in 2022. Read and enjoy.

What are Seasonal Allergies?

With the beginning of the spring, nature starts its time for re-production. As a reason, flower pollens are roaring thousands and thousands of miles finding better habitats to end their journey.

The same situation happens in the mold spores spread. A higher level of atmospheric variations leads to the easy spread of many allergens and other air contaminants in a short period.

Even though most of the community sees this sudden change of nature as the beginning of a wonderful season, it is not a good period of time for people who are suffering from illness.

Allergies are conditions in response of our body to a harmful foreign substance by producing antibiotics. Our body observes pollen, mold spores, and another allergen as harmful attacks in this condition.

So eventually, it rises of emergency sirens the body. Even though pollens have no such potential of harming, our immune system has been programmed to identify them as an enemy.

Practical most of these allergy conditions can be cured. They can only be controlled up to a certain level by medications and minimizing the exposure.

Famous Seasonal Illnesses Conditions

Here are some common illnesses in spring we normally face and their basic symptoms.

Seasonal Allergy Conditions

More than a million Americans suffer from seasonal Allery conditions while some of us are enjoying the spring outside.

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Seasonal Allergy Conditions – Best Purifiers for Allergies

With pollen spread and mold spores, there are several kinds of respiratory issues cause even sometimes lead to near-death experiences.

In the united states, now you can search the daily pollen behavior in your specific area before going outside.

If you or your close one is suffering from seasonal allergy conditions, always be alert to it and be awarded emergency contact numbers. Here are the basic symptoms of seasonal allergy conditions.

1) Sneezing
2) Red, itchy eyes
3) congestion
4) Postnasal drip
5) Facial pain
6) Coughing
7) Skin abnormalities (Itching, redded)
8) Nose itchiness and throat pains

Asthma Attacks

There are over 20 million recorded asthma suffering adults in the USA, and it is nearly 9.8% and 6.1% of total females and male adults, respectively.

Asthma attacks are sudden situations of asthma that occur due to the body’s response by blocking the airways.

Other than tightening up the muscles, inflamed airways fill up thicker mucus, which worsens the condition. This situation is known as bronchospasm.

Other than allergy conditions, asthma attacks are a very painful experience. Here are some symptoms of asthma conditions.

1) Coughing
2) Severe wheezing
3) Issues in talking
4) Chest pain
5) Short breath
6) Muscle pain around the neck
7) Blue lips and blue fingernails
8) Panic attacks

Lyme Disease

This medical condition is known as the most common disease in the united states, spread by blood-feeding small creatures.

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Black-legged ticks behind Lyme Disease -Best Purifiers for Allergies

The black-legged ticks spread normal Lyme disease conditions. Normally in the spring season, they can be often seen near woods and rural areas; this disease is a common illness.

Here is some symptom of the Lyme disease:

1) Red rash
2) Headache
3) Neck stiffness
4) Fever
5) Chillis
6) Rash all over the body
7) Joint pain
8) weakness in limbs
9) impaired muscle movement

Pink Eye

This inflammatory condition happens to the white part of our eyeball and the transparent membrane part of our eye.

The red colour comes with inflammation of the small blood vessels around it. However, this does not impact your vision.

This health condition comes due to bacterial or viral infection or allergic conditions. Kids are the often category who suffer from pink eyes, and a higher level of contact between each other in schools and day-care centers is the main reason behind that.

Here are some primary symptoms of pink eye.

1) Eye redness
2) More tears than usual
3) Itchy eyes,
4) Blurred vision
5) Sensitive to light

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What Can We Do Against Seasonal Illnesses?

As we mentioned, most Americans normally suffer from any allergy health breakdown, and having proper knowledge about it is all welcome as good citizens to help others.

Here are some common tips we need to follow.

1. Get proper medications

Seasonal allergy conditions or most kinds of seasonal illnesses require properly balanced compulsory medication guidelines because some allergies lead to even death without having a proper tablet.

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Get proper medications – Best Purifiers for Allergies

1) Take proper medical guidelines, and update them with your existing health conditions
2) Aware of your close one about health conditions, your medications, and what to do in case of emergency
3) Always have a backup medication kit
4) Travel with your medications and other supports

Even though you have proper medications minimizing other contacts with allergens is the best thing you can do. Always remember that precaution is better than cure.

2. Keep Proper Hygiene

Without any argument, the person with good cleanliness has a lower risk of getting any health issues eventually. A few of them identified as;

1) Clean body every day
2) Washing hands
3) Clean indoor areas
4) Wear a mask
5) Clean your laundry

Most of the outside allergen can be easily stuck in outside walks. Mostly in your clothes, body, or hair. Cleaning and time to reduce that probability and enhance your protection.

3. Check the daily pollen counts

Even though you assume that you are alone with seasonal illnesses, there are multiple government bodies that enhance your protection already to keep you safe and away from pollen.

Be updated with your Pollen count – Best Purifiers for Allergies

NATIONAL ALLERGY BUREAU provides daily reports of the behavior of the pollen count in your area based on climate and scientific analysis as forecast.

You can also personally register into its mobile application to get daily updates.

4. Try a Certified Air purifier

Air purifiers are the best option; we can try to certify indoor atmosphere cleanliness. Other than pollens, air purifiers filter several kinds of air contaminants. Best Purifiers for Allergies depend on several parameters.

Air purifiers filter particle matters, dust particles, mold spores, dander, etc. Most air purifiers are designed to keep the indoor atmosphere clean.

However, if it depends on your requirement, check the best option you can try. Other than selecting a proper air purifier, keep in mind to replace the filters regularly. If you pass the period of time, they also become a source of air pollutants eventually.

Best Purifiers for Allergies has the highest market in the medical field. Mostly medical-grade air purifiers with H13 TRUE HEPA consider as better perform in that category.

5. Clean your Pets

Pets can be identified as pathogen carriers in seasonal illnesses.

Most of the time, pets are quite playful in outdoor areas and have a high risk of sticking the ticks, pollens, and other harmful contaminants.

pet clean
Clean your Pets regularly – Best Purifiers for Allergies

A daily bath is not practical same as a human for pets. Although if you can manage to brush them and remove stick pathogens before entering a home, that would be very helpful in the spring season.

In fact, bathe them at least a few times a week and remove the ticks.

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Best Purifiers for Allergies

Here are Lassowond recommendations for the best purifiers for allergies.

1. Coway Airmega AP-1512HH Air Purifier -Best Purifiers for Allergies

With a four-stage air filtration system, this air purifier captures fine particles down to 0.3-micron size with 99.97% efficiency through its HEPA filter.

Best Purifiers for Allergies
Coway Airmega- Best Purifiers for Allergies

Air purifiers are specially designed to capture pollen and volatile organic compounds and odors. The compact unit especially captures asthma and allergies by capturing airborne particles.

  1. Size – 9.6 x 16.8 x 18.3 inches
  2. Noise range –
    a. Day – 53.8dB
    b. Night – 24.4dB
  3. Room – 367 sq.ft
  4. Filter configuration –
  5. Pre-filter
    a. Deodorization filter
    b. True HEPA filter
    c. Vital Ion
  6. Certification –
    a. CARBS certified
    b. Won the Best Air Purifier of 2018 at Wirecutter
  7. Features –
    a. Real-time indoor air quality measure sensor
    b. Automatically running Fan for better air quality

2. Alen Flex Air Purifier

According to the manufacturer’s guidelines, this air purifier is most suitable for dust, dander, allergens, pet fur, and odors.

Best Purifiers for Allergies
Alen Flex – Best Purifiers for Allergies

Unlike normal air purifiers, this purifier used a B4-pure filter to remove all asthma and allergy, releasing airborne contaminants.

Also, filtering through a medical-grade h13 true HEPA filter removes bacteria, aerosolized viruses, and airborne particles larger than 0.1 microns in 99.99 efficiencies.

  1. Size – 19 x 16 x 28 inches
  2. Noise –
    a. Day 50dB
    b. Night- 25dB
  3. Room –
    a. 700 sq. ft in 30 minutes
    b. CADR – 225 cfm
  4. Certification – Energy Star certification
  5. Filter life time – 9-12 months

3. Germ Guardian AC4825

With three levels of filtration, the Germ-Guardian air purifier is much suitable for filtering airborne particles down to 0.3 microns.

Best Purifiers for Allergies
Germ Guardian-Best Purifiers for Allergies

Much suitable for harmful germs, dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and other allergens. With UV-C light kills influenza, staph, and rhinovirus viruses and works with Titanium Dioxide.

All the large air pollutants can be easily removed using a pre-filter, increasing the HEPA filter’s life. On the other hand, an activated carbon filter removes all the noticeable odors.

  1. Size -10.25 x 6.75 x 21.5 inches
    a. Smoke 99cfm
    b. Dust 118cfm
    c. Pollen 125cfm
  3. Filter Configuration –
    a. Pre-filter
    b. Activated Carbon Filter
    c. HEPA filter
  4. Certification –
    a. Energy star certification
    b. CARB certification
    c. AHAM verified

4. Medify MA-40 Air Purifier -Best Purifiers for Allergies

According to manufacturers’ guidelines, this air purifier is suitable for indoor living areas like homes, apartments, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, schools, universities, classrooms, hospitals, and restaurants.

Best Purifiers for Allergies
Medify MA-40 Air Purifier – Best Purifiers for Allergies

With 99.99% efficacy, this air purifier runs with H13 HEPA filtration, removing fine particles down to 0.1-micron size.

  1. Size -10.5 x 11 x 22 inches
  2. Noise –
    a. Day – 46dB
    b. Night – 66dB
  3. Room –
    a. 1,600 sq ft in one-hour
    b. 840 sq ft in 30 minutes (CADR 380)
  4. Certifications-
    a. CARB certification
    b. ETL
    c. Energy-star certified

Disclaimer: -These are Lassowond Recommendations for your information; please conduct research before making a decision.


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