Best 4 Types of House Air Filtration Systems

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House air filtration systems are a major necessity in the upcoming winter season. People lack basic awareness of the house air filtration systems in their homes, their operation, and maintenance, and the ranges they may cover.

Well-chosen and maintained house air filtration systems improve the efficacy of the HVAC air filtration system.

Before winter arrives, let’s examine the options you have for selecting the best house air filtration systems for your home with Lassowond Know Your Facts. Read and enjoy the content.

1. Flat Air Filters

Flat air filters are the most common and well-known type of air filter available in the market today, and their cost is among the most affordable.

The reason why most people take this into consideration is due to its superior effectiveness against relatively larger air pollutants such as dirt, lint, pet dander, and pollen.

House Air Filtration Systems
Flat Air Filters – House Air Filtration Systems

But if you are concerned about your well-being as a result of the house air filtration systems, choosing flat air filters is not the best course of action.

These air filters are ideal for the standard home level because of their placement for the furnace and their excellent filtration performance over a period of two to three months.

Pros and cons of Flat Air Filters

Low BudgetEasy Clog
2-3 Months Period Performance (good for the Budget)Weak performance with fine particles
Filter Bigger contaminant particlesNot medical grade performance
Easy PlacementLow Period Performance
Pros and cons of Flat Air Filters

2. Extended Media Air Filters

The box-shaped media air filter has a width of 6-8 inches and a size of roughly 75 square feet, making it more effective than the typical basic air filter by a couple of times.

House Air Filtration Systems
Extended Media Air Filters – House Air Filtration Systems

In addition, this air filter is one that is recommended for a place in industrial air filtration systems as well as home air filtration systems on the market.

In contrast to a conventional flat air filter, this type requires the assistance of a trained professional during the installation process, which may only need to be done once per year at most.

Pros and cons of Flat Air Filters

Low MaintenanceRelatively expensive
1-2 years Period PerformanceProfessional guidance is required installation
Higher efficiencyNo odor filtration
Pros and cons of Flat Air Filters

3. Electronic Air Filters

Electronic filters, commonly referred to as electrostatic air filters, are capable of catching fine airborne contaminants 20–30 times more effective than conventional air filters.

This apparatus adds a positive charge to all of the air contaminants before they reach the filter by making use of the current electrode.

House Air Filtration Systems
Electronic Air Filters – House Air Filtration Systems

At the same time, the air filtration system is acting as the system’s positive charge edge. Because of the electrostatic attraction that exists between the filter and the airflow, any contaminants in the air will more effectively attach themselves to the filtration system.

As a result, in contrast to standard air filters, there is no need to replace the filter, as it just requires cleaning on a biweekly and monthly basis respectively.

Pros and cons of Flat Air Filters

Low MaintenanceExpensive
No filter replacementNot quite good for larger contaminant particles
Every Higher efficiencyNo odor filtration
ReusableOzone generation risk
Electronic Air Filters

4. Ultraviolet Air filters

The majority of the time, ultraviolet air filters are utilized in areas such as hospitals, laboratories, and other settings with a greater emphasis on health.

House Air Filtration Systems
Ultraviolet Air filters – House Air Filtration Systems

UV radiation is able to have an effect on the majority of germs and viruses, which can help you avoid a variety of medical ailments, particularly during the colder winter months.

Additionally, UV filters are quite simple to clean and maintain. However, it is unable to filter small particles and other toxins in the air like conventional filters can.

Pros and cons of Flat Air Filters

Low MaintenanceExpensive
No filter replacementNo filtration of air pollutant particles
Suitable for eliminating bacteria and germs
Ultraviolet Air filters
These house air filtration systems are the ones that are used most frequently on the market today.
Do your own study before choosing an air filter, and thanks for your attention to what the Lassowond recommendations have to say about it.
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