Ivation Air Sterilizer | Compact Portable Air Sterilizer for Home & Office | Built-In Timer, Sleep Function good For Use Around Children, Seniors, & Pets

Amazon.com Price: $199.99 (as of 01/02/2024 12:25 PST- Details)

ENJOY NATURALLY CLEAN, FRESH AIR | The Ivation Air Sterilizer Sanitizes the Air in the Room by Gathering Harmful Air and Instantly Eliminating Them with High Heat | Safe For Use In Home, Nursery, School, Office, Workplace, Hotel & Beyond
INNOVATIVE THERMAL TECHNOLOGY | Doesn’t Just Filter Out Contaminants; It Destroys Them | The Nano-Molecular Sieve Targets Airborne Pathogens & Bacteria , Pulling Them Into The Core of The Machine for Heat Treatment | Then, The Ultra-Efficient System Recirculates Clean Air
SAFE & EFFECTIVE FOR ALL AGES | Eliminates 99% of Issus in the Air | Kill Issues in the Air & Decontaminate Your Space Without Chemicals | Safe for Use Around Children, Seniors, & Pets to Keep Air Clean & Increase Breathability for Maximum Comfort

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