OdorStop OS2500UV Professional Grade Ozone Generator Ionizer for Areas of 2500 Square Feet+, For Deodorizing and Purifying Medium Size Areas Such as Hotel Rooms, Offices, and Basements

Amazon.com Price: $279.99 (as of 01/02/2024 12:25 PST- Details)

🛑 TREATMENT AREA OF 2500 SQUARE FEET+: The OS2500UV is perfect for deodorizing and eliminating stubborn odors in medium spaces such as hotel suites, offices, homes, basements, and more. It will eliminate odors caused by tobacco, smoke, pets, cooking, and more.

🛑 PATENTED DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY: The OS2500UV has a high quality aluminum housing, has a 12-hour timer with hold option, variable ozone output (100-1200 mg/h), 2 high output ozone plates, a washable filter, a 110 CFM fan, and is equipped with UV for additional purifying power.

It comes ready to use with no assembly required. The unique design allows the ozone plates to be cleaned without taking the unit apart. Product measurements: 13 x 9 x 9 inches, 10lbs (Package dimensions listed above).

🛑 TOP RATED FOR A REASON: OdorStop continues to set the standard in the ozone industry with innovative concepts and designs. With more than 15 models to choose from, we have a model for every odor and purifying need.

OdorStop is patented (US D887,982 S), trademarked, and trusted! Replacement OdorStop Ozone Generator Plates – OSOP2; Filters – OSFS (white) and OSCFS (charcoal).

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