05 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Stress Level


Feeling stress? Sure we all do. With a butt load of work files, endless exams, and day-to-day family problems, everyone, each of us, is standing even on a single piece of stress condition even we do not show to society.

What can we do to manage this pressure level through an easy set of tasks? Can it be done? If it is so, that might surely help all of us. Let us talk about what can we do to manage our daily hassles with easy steps. Stay with Know Your Facts. Read and enjoy.

1. Fix Your Sleep schedule

We surely know you do not care about your sleeping time period until we mention it. It is like, “Is it either 6 hours, 5 hours? Who cares? I have zillion works to do”.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, we all sleep in a zone of super anxiety level without having a properly managed sleeping cycle. According to the record of the ASA, your sleeping cycles directly decide your stress hormones in daily functions.

sleeping stress
Sleeping Stress is make next day worst

Depending on your age; sleeping hours can be categorized as follows as recommended by CDC;

Life PeriodSleeping period
Newborn0-3 months14-17 hours
Infant4-12 months12-16 hours ( including naps)
Toddler1-2 years old11-14 hours
Pre-School3-5 years old10-13 hours
School Age6-12 years old9-12 hours
Teen13-17 years old8-10 hours
Adult18-60 years old7 and more hours
61-64 years old7-9 hours
65 years and older 7-8 hours
Recommended sleeping hours depend on life period

Other than this, there are multiples things you can manage to do by having a good sleep.

  1. Do not use caffeine; include beverages before sleep
  2. Do not expose to electronic devices’ light before bed
  3. Remove irregular napping times in day time
  4. Optimize your bedroom arrangement
  5. Minimize the alcohol consumption

By going into a well-managed sleeping plan, you indeed feel “rise and shine” in the morning, which can be followed throughout the day.

2. Stay away from Electronic devices

After the passing of 2010, the world is leading to a global village concept at an uncontrollable speed.
The existing youth generation is also thirsty to be updated with the latest trends on the internet and higher level of willingness to be a trend.

With upcoming social media culture and technology development, everyone tries to show them as perfect to the world even though they are not.

rui silvestre uYdZFJsjJUs unsplash
Reduce the elelctronic usage

This creates significant pressure on society to exist as a perfect and enjoyable one compared with others.

According to AmericanNewsToday, social media eventually leads to low quality sleep and harms mental health, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem due to the reasons mentioned above.

The best option is to stay away from electronic devices as possible. Stay much time with your family members and friends.

It might surely lead to minimized mental pressure and well-balanced happiness.

Other than that, electronic devices are not okay to humans with invisible electromagnetic waves. Also, it can impact your eyes at a significant level. Those are coming under uninvited health impacts which reach us because of our disregard.

3. Control your Caffeine intake

We all have a culture of coffee with the beginning of every new good morning. With a bit of expresso over-caffeinated morning, it is something we cannot miss. But have you ever worried about the what is the impact of this “wonderful morning habit”?

Even though caffeine helps us as a higher concentration capacity and energy booster, it also activates the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

According to scientific records, more than 400mg of daily caffeine intake for a grown adult is too much, which increases our heartbeat and causes developing nausea symptoms.

nathan dumlao 6VhPY27jdps unsplash
Reduce the Caffiene intake

Other than the impact on your mental health, it can also trigger other health conditions like kidney disease, thyroid diseases, liver issues, etc.

If you can manage to down the caffeine intake up to a certain level, it might undoubtedly improve your health with time. Other than addicting to caffeine, if you can replace it with the followings, indeed it instantly releases the extra stress.

  1. Increase your water intake
  2. Exercise daily
  3. Try herbal tea

The most recommended guidance is to take the caffeine with high control mindset.

4. Try Small Meditation

When someone explains meditation, the thing that comes to mind is the “guy in a complex standing position without talking for several hours”. Quite complex and hard to be practical. Right? Nevertheless, the fundamental of meditation is “staying conscious right at the movement”.

So even you are at work, or on a bus or riding, if you are focusing your mindset on that work, it is kind of the mind practicing mediation style in brief. That is the beauty and simplicity of meditation.

According to the Mayo clinic research foundation, meditation is the simplest and fastest way of reducing stress on the practical side.

sage friedman HS5CLnQbCOc unsplash
Meditation is the cure for stress

One of the famous and most straightforward medications is” Aanapaansathi”, focusing on the inhale and exhaling breathing while wind passes the tip of the nose. Just it. Not your family issues.

Not the next deadline; only your exhales and inhales. This can directly increase your capacity of controlling your thought and feeling at any movement.

Other than controlling the stress level, it may lead to several personal improvements.

  1. Staying at the present
  2. Increasing self-awareness
  3. Enhancing your capacity for patience and tolerance
  4. Higher level of imagination

Apart from that, even scientific research has proven and suggested several meditation levels as medication for several health conditions.

5. Staying in a Comfortable Environment

Imagine a chaotic home environment after a stressful workday. We do not want to explain how it could make the entire day worst.

robert bye BY34glOW7wA unsplash
Unorganized room make worse stres level

A practical, calm, and clean environment permanently reduce stress hormones up to a certain level. There are small things we can manage to do to have a calm and friendly environment. Let us check them out.

1. Set a Mirror

Having a mirror always reduces your stress level and makes you feel comfortable. Studies say watching one’s image through the image is like a minute is a meditation part to the mind in a certain way.

This is the reason behind having mirrors inside elevators to reduce the anxiety at the limited inside area.

2. Try an Air Purifier

Having a cleaned atmosphere is one of the best options to stay in comfort at any location.

Air purifiers are one practical solution in such conditions that can go with an office, home, or even portable like with cars. Atmospheric pollutants like pet dander, molds, particle matters, and other kinds of odor can easily be filtered through the inner filtration system of the purifiers.

Having a cleaned atmosphere reduces stress and covers you from several health issues in your respiratory system.

3. Clean the Laundry

If you do not know that having dirty laundry inside your room eventually makes you stressed with smell or even get stressed by watching it.

This was one good reason people got stressed during the pandemic for neglecting cleaning and healthy components with social distancing.

Try to have well cleaned and managed laundry inside our room under a well-managed time schedule. Otherwise, at the end of the day, your stress level might increase instead of being relaxed and calm inside the home.

4. Increase the space inside your Room

Most of the time, we buy luxurious furniture to place inside our room or office cube to feel awesome. When there is a higher amount of furniture and goods around you, it is quite hard to express your feelings with an open mind.

When there is good space to walk, exercise, and even dance sometimes inside your room, it becomes a place to release all of your pressure and stress level after a hassled day.

To our mindset, a filled room provides closed negative vibes for free-thinking and expressing our ideas. This is why most artists need too much space to work in other than a materialistic room. Being minimalistic is the best option you can have all the time.

Apart from that, there are several methods you can try at home like dancing, listening to music, painting sort of things to release your stress level. At the end of the day, being happy is the deal you have by trying any kind of these paths to manage your stress level significantly.

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