10 Least Challenging Cities in Seasonal Allergies 2022


As the spring season arrives, an influential community group is worried about the allergy conditions with the new environmental atmosphere. Over 44% of the adult community in the United States suffers from any kind of allergy condition with the start of spring.

According to AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America), this account has increased to more than 50 million citizens. Concerning the geographical location, this influence can separate the cities in the USA into worst and least harmful in seasonal allergy. From today’s Know Your Facts let us talk about the Least bad areas with seasonal allergies.

AAFA Analysis About Seasonal Allergies

In every seasonal allergy period, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America researches over 100 major cities of the United States by analyzing a bunch of data to figure out the order of allergy intensities regarding a set of parameters.

  1. Spring and fall pollen scores
  2. Prescription and over-the-counter medicine use
  3. Availability of board-certified allergists and immunologists

This publication is an annual resource for upgrading the quality of life for those living with pollen allergies.
Suppose you are also suffering from an allergy condition in spring. This list might be pretty good guidance to avoid areas of the country and the best areas for your dwelling.

10 Least Challenging cities in Seasonal Allergies

1. Seattle, Washington

seasonal allergies
Seattle, Washington

2. Durham, North Carolina

Durham North Carolina
Durham, North Carolina

3. San Francisco, California

San Francisco California
San Francisco, California

4. San Jose, California

San Jose California
San Jose, California

5. Portland, Oregon

Portland Oregon
Portland, Oregon

6. Sacramento, California

Sacramento California
Sacramento, California

7. Denver, Colorado

Denver Colorado
Denver, Colorado

8. Provo, Utah

Provo Utah
Provo, Utah

9. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona

10. Fresno, California

Fresno California
Fresno, California

Even though your city is also on this list, there might be potential for allergy conditions depending on your surroundings. Therefore be careful about your surroundings from time to time.

Worst Places to Live with Seasonal Pollen Allergies 2021

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