What is Air Purification? Know your facts

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All living beings and trees are designed to keep the metabolism operations using Oxygen as an energy source. Especially, not only oxygen but the entire atmosphere also helps everyone to keep proper existence in various manners. With globalization, air pollution has become a huge impact on our day to day life. Also to our health conditions and environmental cycles. Therefore air purification has become a sensitive topic to all of us. Let’s talk about this -with Know your Facts. Read and enjoy

“Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented.”

– Barry Commone

What is so called “pure air”?

Pure air is a mixture of air conditions of the atmosphere formed by the revolution. Without any influence, it the most suitable condition for the life of all living beings.

If we measure air as a mixture, it gives 78% of Nitrogen, 20% of Oxygen. And 0.97% Argon, 1% water vapor, 0.03% carbon dioxide, and other air particles.

pure air percentage pie chart
Pure air Percentage in atmosphere

Basically, this harmony between each air percentage maintains a huge balance in the environmental cycle existence. You may assume that a higher oxygen level can do a better job for the ecosystem than higher nitrogen.

Actually, any small deviation from the existing cycle can be a huge impact on everyone. Even so, there is no exact explanation for the concept of pure air.

If normal air is free from gaseous contaminations, dust, and other harmful particles it is known as pure air in general.

What is “polluted Air”?

Adding any contamination to the atmosphere can occur in air pollution. Which is leading to the inconvenience of existence for any living being on earth.

Unlike other environmental pollution, air pollution does not quickly respond to any mal-behaviors due to its high range capacity. But with decades of progress, air pollution can affect every living being in an uncontrollable manner.

It may lead to diseases like lung cancers and asthma, allergies even deaths too.

smoke stack emission industry air pollution
Smoke stack emission by factories- Air pollution

According to the World Health Organization(WHO) records the following factors act as Household-air pollutions mostly.

 1.Burning fuels such as dung

2. Wood and coal in inefficient stoves or open hearths

3. Particulate matter (PM)

4. Methane

5. Carbon monoxide

7. Volatile organic compounds (VOC)…. etc

Polluted air can affect every other natural cycle like water and food production and other bio-chemically cycles.

Therefore as humans there a win-win situation for living when we co-exist with nature.

What is Air purification & Air purifier ?

Air purification is to remove the polluted air contaminant and improve the air quality in a limited area. An air purifier is a specially designed indoor device for this process.

First, those were designed for hospital and other house needs. With time this process has expanded their limits up to the vehicle and large indoor areas. Basically, air purifiers are capable of helping patients who are with weak breathing.

Like lung cancers and asthma. Specially designed smoke air purifiers are using in today’s indoor smoking areas to reduce the in-direct smoking effect.  

There are two kind of air purifiers.

Active Filter air purifiers

These purifiers produce negatively charged air scrubbers into the air. Which are capable of bond with pollutants and stick to surfaces. They take care of pollutants such as dust, dander, germs, volatile organic compounds, allergens, odors.

Passive filter purifiers

Passive filter purifiers are absorbing pollutants from the surroundings & send them through filters. They use electrostatic precipitators or HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) system for this. Passive filter purification is much effective than others.

Other techniques for better air purification.

Air purify machines cannot achieve perfect purification directly. There are some steps that you can do too.

There is a number of natural ways to do home air purification in better ways. Most of them are traditional techniques.

1. Indoor air purifying plants

Natural air purifiers are the most traditional and effective method of cleaning indoor from time to time. Other than purifying, they give a perfect indoor decorating look with the color green.

Indoor tree natural air purify
Natural air purifiers for air purification

English Ivy, Alovera, Common Ivy, Spider plant are most suitable for this. It has become a trend to use indoor trees with Air purifiers nowadays.

2. Use of Active Carbon

Active carbon has included a higher number of the microporous volume. Therefore they are higher capable of absorbing pollutants onto their surface.

active carbon
Activated Carbon for indoor air purification

The activeness of carbon, indoor temperature, and humidity can vary this absorbing capacity.

3. Update the home ventilation

The home ventilation system is like the respiratory system of humans. Proper ventilation can dilute indoor pollutants levels at a certain level.

home windows, verandah
Proper ventilation

Depend on your structural plan of placing windows, doors, and chimney inner flow rate can be depended.

Especially bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom should be designed in proper structure. Because they are the places that many pollutants can be easily collected.    

4. Beeswax candle lighting

Beeswax candle scent is known as a very helpful treatment for dust allergens. That scent can ionize contaminant compounds easily.


bees wax candle
Bee wax candle air purification

Unlike paraffin, they do not burn in bad scent, it creates cool living conditions. Also near two hours lifetime, no complaints like ” we are out of candles in a few minutes”.

Even though they are a little bit overpriced, worthy enough for a better life. you will see.

In the air purification topic, we can follow a number of steps to clean our indoor atmosphere. We can use air purifiers or other ventilation systems. Sure we can.

But no one cares about the mother earth ventilation system. Because huge risks take time. So be prepared. Heal the world

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