Top 8 States with Best Air Quality

States with Best Air Quality

States with best air quality have become a big priority factor when we are concerned about Quality of life throughout the world. But, when we were relocating a few decades ago, one of our key concerns was not which state had the best air quality.

We looked at all 50 states. As the levels of air pollution continue to rise, the expense of maintaining good air quality has become an important consideration in the same way that the cost of living and the cost of apartments have.

Therefore, as part of today’s Know Your Facts, let’s talk about the ten states in the United States that have the best air quality for your health and well-being.

Main Air Quality Measuring Parameters

Prior to reviewing our list, there are four characteristics that we primarily considered when preparing it.

We are primarily concerned with the databases of the United States government, local authorities, and agencies pertaining to regional air quality and other aspects.

AQI – Air Quality Index

The air quality index is a scale ranging from 0 to 500 that is divided into six categories.

Depending on the number of air quality parameters in a given region, a specified area can be placed between any point on this scale, giving an indication of its average atmosphere.

Lung Cancer Rate

The incidence of lung cancer is mostly determined by a multitude of external factors that can and cannot be controlled.

States with Best Air Quality
Lung Cancer rate is good parameter of air quality of the region

The poor air quality is the key reason behind this. Principally, four lung cancer-related parameters have been considered.

  1. Rate of New Cancers
  2. Rate of Cancer Deaths
  3. Number of New Cancers
  4. Number of Cancer Deaths

The number of New Cancers cases per 100,000 persons is the main priority here.

Heart disease is the top cause of death in the United States, followed by cancer. Cancer causes one out of every four fatalities in the United States.

Air Pollution Rate

The air pollution ranking is predicated primarily on the regional air pollution levels of each state.

Consideration has been given to the fine particulate matter causes of average air pollution in 2021. The value used for air pollution rate is the average data value by America’s health rankings.

Cigarette Usage Among Adults

Nearly 13% of adult Americans in the country are smoking currently which is 30.8 million of total representatives.

Although smoke is not the main reason for bad air quality, there sort of direction from that culture overall to a number of respiratory system bases diseases.

Although there are certain factors that have a minor impact on the air quality level a considerable level of influence has been directed toward most indoor and outdoor atmospheric air quality conditions.

The value used for cigarette usage is the average data value by CDC.

Top 8 States with Best Air Quality

1. Hawaii

Air Quality Index – 21.20
Lung Cancer rate – 413.5
Air pollution rate –4.3
Cigarette Usage Among Adults –12.3

Regarding both the quality of the air and the amount of pollution it contains, the state of Hawaii ranks among the highest in the United States.

samantha sophia hYYbvVY4re8 unsplash
Hawaii Beaches – States with Best Air Quality

The air quality of the Hawaiian Islands is continually getting better, which can be attributed to both the islands’ geographic location and the relatively dense forest cover that exists on them.

The American Lung Association has identified Honolulu and the metropolitan area of Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina as the two places in the United States that are most deserving of protection due to the high quality of the air there. Both of these towns are situated on stunning islands.

2. Maine

Air Quality Index – 36.5
Lung Cancer rate – 478.1
Air pollution rate –5.0
Cigarette Usage Among Adults –17.6

In the past, the state of Maine was known for having bad air quality due to the presence of several counties in the region.

savannah rohleder rhItUAQPwHk unsplash
Maine -States with Best Air Quality

However, in recent years, Maine has been acknowledged as having some of the cleanest air in all of the United States.

According to the findings of the American Lung Association in 2020, the metropolitan region of Bangor was the location in the United States that offered the highest quality protection in each of the three categories.

In spite of this, there are just a few areas in the state of Maine that have experienced a decline in this regard.

Despite this, the state of Maine is the place to go if you want to breathe the cleanest air in the entire country.

3. North Dakota

Air Quality Index – 37.0
Lung Cancer rate – 440.6
Air pollution rate –4.8
Cigarette Usage Among Adults –17

Nine counties in the state of North Dakota were given an A grade by the American Lung Association in 2022 for having ozone-free air quality, as stated in the association’s report card for the state.

intricate explorer 2MIPToQmVY4 unsplash
North Dakota -States with Best Air Quality

When Bismarck County maintains its position at the top of this list, a number of other counties are responsible for the increased levels of air pollution across the state.

Notwithstanding this, North Dakota is a state that, on the whole, maintains a higher standard of air quality preservation than other locations.

North Dakota, which has an Air Quality Index (AQI) that is quite low, is considered to be the greatest spot to live near the Canadian border.

4. Vermont

Air Quality Index – 38.5
Lung Cancer rate – 450.5
Air pollution rate –4.9
Cigarette Usage Among Adults –15.1

The air quality in Vermont is consistently ranked as among the highest in the United States. There has been an increase in air pollution, despite the fact that some of the sources include wildfires and power plants.

peter james eisenhaure PbWJY0M5hRM unsplash
Vermont – States with Best Air Quality

On the other hand, in spite of the quickly shifting weather conditions around the state, this has not been a major cause for alarm.

As a result, hilly areas and valleys collect them as a result of wind currents that move across county regions. There is, however, some difference between the effects depending on the season.

5. New Hampshire

Air Quality Index – 36.5
Lung Cancer rate – 475.8
Air pollution rate –4.3
Cigarette Usage Among Adults –15.9

According to the history of New Hampshire‘s air pollution emission trends, virtually all air pollutants have undergone a significant drop over the course of this state’s history.

balazs busznyak El5zuQAtfeo unsplash
New Hampshire – States with Best Air Quality

The majority of these are the direct outcome of the regulated programs that were put into place during the course of the decade.

Authorities in this state will be brought up to speed and in charge of the situation if they adopt the application of add-on controls, convert to cleaner fuels, operate under operating limits, and/or comply with emissions caps imposed under market-based carbon trading systems.

It is possible that this is the reason why the tables will suggest that the air quality in New Hampshire will be “Good” on more than 90 percent of the days in the year 2020.

6. New York

Air Quality Index – 40.4
Lung Cancer rate – 484.9
Air pollution rate –6.3
Cigarette Usage Among Adults –12.7

Despite the fact that the New York area is considered to be a metropolitan zone, the air quality has greatly improved over the course of the last few years due to the high pollution density of the region.

In spite of this, steps need to be taken in the next years to address the type of negative impact on the health of disadvantaged communities that have already been recognized as a significant problem.

kit suman WQwtk t4oJI unsplash
New York – States with Best Air Quality

Identify additional targeted improvements to air quality through data analysis and community input, and hasten the migration of buildings away from boilers that use residual heating oil.

To a significant extent, the level of emissions throughout the state can be lowered by taking measures to cut down on emissions from mobile sources.

7. Massachusetts

Air Quality Index – 41.4
Lung Cancer rate – 433.2
Air pollution rate –7.0
Cigarette Usage Among Adults –12.0

The American Lung Association has given the state of Massachusetts the nickname “the State of Air” due to the high level of air quality that can be found in each and every county in the state.

venti views MjAjDQQgrY unsplash
Massachusetts – States with Best Air Quality

Massachusetts is the fifteenth most populous state in the United States. In terms of air quality, the urban areas of Boston and Springfield are typically considered to be the state’s healthiest places.

The American Lung Association recently established a connection between the state of Massachusetts and the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) program.

This was done in order to reduce pollution from transportation, improve air quality, reduce the carbon pollution that contributes to climate change, improve health, and invest in public transportation that is cleaner, faster, and more dependable.

In the coming years, Massachusetts will make substantial progress toward the goal of achieving an air quality that is optimal for the health of the general public.

8. Virginia

Air Quality Index – 45.0
Lung Cancer rate – 401.8
Air pollution rate –6.5
Cigarette Usage Among Adults –14.0

According to the report card that was put together by the American Lung Association in 2022, sixteen counties in Virginia were given an “A” grade.

lorimcm 5rodOJCglvI unsplash
Virginia – States with Best Air Quality

The American Lung Association has designated four of Virginia’s ten “Cleanest Places to Live” in 2022: Roanoke, Charlottesville, the Harrisonburg-Staunton area, and the Virginia Beach-Norfolk area.

These locations constitute four of the state’s ten “Cleanest Places to Live.”

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