The Link Between Indoor Air Pollution and Asthma

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The link between indoor air pollution and asthma is based on a number of reasons and contributes to other types of respiratory system-based medical conditions.

There are over millions of people around the world suffering from asthma at their homes assuming that, it is the safest place on earth to live as an allergy sufferer.

If you do not properly identify the air pollutant reasons in indoor areas or controlled them, the link between indoor air pollution and asthma will be unbreakable for further years. Let’s talk about how to face it and manage it.

What is Indoor Air Pollution?

Indoor air pollution is the presence of dangerous compounds within a building’s air. These substances may consist of:

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Pet dander is a main reason for indoor air pollution – the link between indoor air pollution and asthma
  • Dust and filth
  • Mold and mildew
  • Chemicals from cleaning products
  • Tobacco smoke and other sources of cigarette smoke
  • Pet dander and other allergies

Inadequate ventilation can worsen indoor air quality by trapping contaminants and allowing them to accumulate over time.

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What Are the Common Reasons for Indoor Air Pollution?

There are numerous causes for poor indoor air quality. Among the most prevalent causes are:

The link between indoor air pollution and asthma
Indoor kitchen smoke – the link between indoor air pollution and asthma
  • Smoking inside
  • Burning wood or other fuels for heating or cooking
  • Using chemical cleaning products; and inadequate ventilation.
  • The buildup of humidity and moisture
  • Building materials and furniture that emit airborne contaminants

Why Indoor Air Pollution is a More Serious Topic than Outdoor Air Pollution

Many individuals believe that outdoor air pollution poses the greatest risk to public health. Yet, indoor air pollution can be equally or even more hazardous.

In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air can be up to five times more contaminated than outdoor air.

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Check the link between indoor air pollution and asthma

Because people spend so much time indoors, they may be exposed to dangerous contaminants for longer durations than if they were outside.

This can result in a variety of health difficulties, such as asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems.

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Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease that affects millions of people across the globe. It causes inflammation and constriction of the airways, making it difficult to breathe.

Exposure to indoor air pollution is among the major variables that can contribute to the development of asthma.

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The link between indoor air pollution and asthma

Exposure to indoor air pollution has been found to increase the chance of acquiring asthma and exacerbate asthma symptoms in persons who already have the condition.

  • Dust mites
  • Pet dander
  • Mold, mildew,
  • Smoke from tobacco and other sources are common indoor pollutants that can aggravate asthma
  • Chemicals from household cleaning supplies and other sources

Limiting exposure to these contaminants can help avoid asthma symptoms and enhance lung health overall.

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How to Reduce Exposure to Indoor Pollutants

Limiting exposure to indoor pollution is essential for preventing asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Here are some useful suggestions to upgrade the indoor air quality level and control air pollution.

Try to clean your home more often. Most collected dust, dirt, and other indoor pollutants reason for asthmatic symptoms most of the time

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Clean indoors – the link between indoor air pollution and asthma

Use natural cleaning tips that can easily prepare at your home, instead of the expensive cleaning chemical on the market

Do not smoke inside your room. Secondhand smoke is one of the primary reasons for most respiratory system-based medical conditions. Home is a limited, closed area. Make sure to keep your safest place on earth

Upgrade and maintain the indoor ventilation as possible from time to time. It is not a one-time thing. From time to time with new renovations, air quality can be easily degraded

Install an air purifier for protection. Air purifiers are one best air purification utilities we need to ensure air quality protection in our private areas at home

Proper humidity is a good reason to control the growth the airborne pathogens which are reasons for asthmatic reasons.

The link between indoor air pollution and asthma
Maintain indoor humidity – The link between indoor air pollution and asthma

Use a dehumidifier in areas that tend to be damp

• At your home, in your air purifier, anywhere make sure to properly replace the air filter in time

Although following most is these steps we can easily break the link between indoor air pollution and asthma, your controlled level of exposure is the key method of controlling asthma against pollutants.

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  1. What are the common types of signs and symptoms of asthma?

Symptoms of asthma include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness.

2. What triggers asthma?

Although we cannot exactly point out the start of asthma, most of the research findings ensure most of the time those symptoms are from mother to child or exposure to environmental allergy triggers.

3. Can outdoor air pollution influence asthma as well?

Indeed, outdoor air pollution can exacerbate or induce asthma symptoms.

4. Are medicinal therapies for asthma available?

There are several treatments for asthma to control the situation. Although there are several types of oral medications, allergy injections, and inhaler medications are quite popular in the asthmatic community

5. How prevalent is asthma?

According to AAFA, there are over 25 million asthmatic cases in the United States of America alone.

6. Can asthma be treated?

Although there is no exact treatment for asthma, following several steps you can easily convert your life into a comfortable position.

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Asthma is one of the common respiratory system-based medical conditions caused by indoor air pollutants often. Due to most of us spending more time in indoor areas, most people assume that there is an exact link between indoor air pollution and asthma.

They are not wrong. For example, most of the indoor areas are pretty close to the outside most of the time and there is a higher chance of allergens and air pollutants getting stuck in indoor locations.

By following fewer number steps like installing an air purifier, maintaining indoor ventilation, or trying indoor cleaning natural techniques we can easily reduce that asthmatic risk by a significant amount.

Overall make sure to ensure your home safety. It is the best protection you have.


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