Why Should I Buy a Car Air Purifier?


Road traffic is the worst experience you can imagine while you are driving. Burning gallons of gas, stuck in hours and hours, can you even imagine the air pollution level that traffic jams can create.

Even our cars are well-sealed supporting super functionalities; Can you expect a higher level of extra air purification while driving in between traffic.

Also, can a car air purifier fill that hole? Let’s talk about it from today’s Know Your Facts. Why Should I Buy a Car Air purifier? Read and enjoy.

Sources for Car Air Pollution

There are several sources behind the lousy atmosphere inside the cars on the road.

1. Air pollutants through Engine combustion

Most of the air pollutants act as “car air pollution” that comes from exhaust fumes through tailpipes of cars when engines operate.

Did you know more than 99.4% of all kinds of air pollutants are invisible here? So even we assume cars are coming with no smoke with technology, most of them are converted into hidden attackers that we can’t efficiently deal with.

Cars are releasing emissions even when they are standing still. Also, fumes come from lubricants, and gases evaporate most of the time.

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Traffic gives the worst Air pollution Experience

In this air pollutant, most contributors can be mentioned as follows.

  1. Carbon Dioxide / Carbon Monoxide*
  2. Hydrocarbons
  3. Nitric Oxide / Nitrous Oxide*
  4. VOC (volatile organic compounds)
  5. Sulfur Trioxide/ Sulfur Dioxide*
  6. Ozone-(Ozone are not directly origin through automobiles, other emission factors are behind that process)

*Number of Oxides that have occurred depending on the Oxygen amount on the given atmosphere

2. Pet Dander

Pet dander is Okay to some people. It might mostly depend on whether you are a pet person or not. Most owners who have pets love to travel with cats and dogs.

Unfortunately, they put thousands of dander inside the car most of the time, which can be seen circulating all around the car cabin.

car air purifier
Pet dander gives allergies in cars

Sometimes some of them cannot be removed in conventional methods because they are indeed stuck with differently from one to another.
When you clean them, most of the dander can stick inside the A/C ducts, which store them and release them from time to time.

Pet allergen are not deadly. But it can create severe health impacts.

3. Bad Car Odor

What is the first impression as soon you get into your car in the morning? Is it a fresh or rotten egg smell? Odor in the car in the morning breaks your entire day.

Proper maintenance is the key to a refreshing car. There are several reasons behind the bad smell inside a vehicle.

  1. Food leftovers
  2. Issues in A/C ducts
  3. Mold and mildews
  4. Poor window seals
  5. Poor ventilation system
  6. Issues in the Car

If the indoor ventilation system is strong enough to export the lousy odor, the most unpleasant vibe inside indeed vanish after a few seconds.

Otherwise, that odor might absorb into indoor seat cushions fabrics and stay a more extended period of odor vibe inside your car (Reference).

4. Cigarette Smoke

Like the car odor, smoking inside the car creates the worst feeling ever. Smoking inside vehicles is often seen in the public, and the air pollutant level is very high that process more than we can imagine. Mainly in second-hand smoking.

Research has pointed out that most drivers open their windows after quick smoke expecting ventilation reset. But it can be covered in such a few minutes.

A serious issue is these air pollutants can stick inside the car and, after a while, start to circulate inside the car cabin.

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Do not smoke in Car

If you are traveling with a kid or Patient with serious health issues like asthma or other kid of allergy condition that smoke atmosphere makes them uncomfortable and sick.

5. Pollen and Mold and Dust

A higher counter of pollens and another sort of allergen can be easily stuck inside the indoor areas in the spring season. Primarily due to air and transportation through our clothes and shoes stuff.

Even though it seems ordinary, that might be a deadly situation for people with allergy conditions. If you bring mold seed inside the car, it can quickly grow inside the A/C duct unless you clean or adequately ventilate the system.

You cannot remove them as normal as you think due to tiny in size in such conditions. You need to clean the inner ventilation and vacuum the seats, mats, and console. The best thing is that it minimizes the exposure to pollen, dust, and mold in the spring and upgrades the inner ventilation as possible.

Apart from that

There are several reasons you need to use a Car Air Purifier

  1. You are dealing with allergies and respiratory issues
  2. You are traveling with Kids
  3. Pregnant lady or Patient in your Car
  4. You Obsessive with Clean Refresh Car
  5. A car air purifier might be beneficial in 100%

So What Does Car Air Purifier Do?

As mentioned above, these sources can create a breakdown of air purification in any automobile. According to the research, a higher level of air pollution has been recorded indoors than outdoors due to the circulation of the same atmosphere over and over again.

In such a case, a car air purifier gives a hand for the inbuilt purification system’s operation.

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Inbuilt Air Purification is also good

There are various car air purifiers in the market with different kinds of technology other filtration systems. Personal requirements are the best plan you can try. A higher level of cost is not the tag for proper filtration guidance.

1. What is the Filtration system

Most air purification systems come with different types of filter categories.

Ion Generator

They are also known as negative ionizers. Unlike other filters, these do not filter the air pollutants.

They release negative ions, which can attach to dust particles, pollen, and several kinds of air pollutants. By these attachments, contaminants are attracted to surfaces easily. It reduces the influence on the human respiratory system.

But they cannot remove the particle-like gasses and smokes.


HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air filters. This type of air filter can theoretically remove at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns (µm).

HEPA is known as the best technology behind air purification. If an air purifier uses a HEPA filtration system, it is mentioned as TRUE HEPA. With Technology TESLA car brand also uses HEPA filtration with a modified air purification system.

HEPA filtration can remove smoke but not the odor. Also, HEPA filters cannot filter gases efficiently.

Ultra Violet

UV air purifiers use shortwave ultraviolet (C type) to deactivate airborne pollutants like microorganisms like mold, bacteria, and viruses.

When air pass through the UV light, it disinfects the air by means of germicidal irradiation. The main issue is the probability of OZONE generation in this process.

UV air purification comes with HEPA filters to increase efficiency because UV filters cannot trap particles like other filters(Reference).

Activated Carbon Air Filters

Active Carbon filters are good at capturing smoke, odors, gases. But it needs a much more significant amount of carbon content and better airflow through that. So there is a practical issue with the car, to use these even though it has higher productiveness.

HEPA filters are combined with these for the matter filtration process. Also, carbon filters cannot filter all kinds of gases.

Ozone Generators

Ozone is a gas toxic for humans. So when this kind of purification is ON, humans should not be present in the car. But ozone generator cleaners are very effective with gases more than others.

When selecting an air purifier, always check your requirement first.

2. Easy to Work

When you select a car air purifier, one factor you need to worry about is its user-friendly design. Some advanced air purifiers are designed with complex functions because they operate in larger areas with higher levels of functionality.

When you find an air purifier in a car it should be;

  1. Easy to access
  2. Easy to operate
  3. Easy to ON/OFF

These qualities need to be checked because most of the air purifiers switch ON while you are driving.

Are Car Air Purifiers Productive?

Most of the cars come with an inbuilt air purification system. Therefore, different use of a cleaner is an advanced option for an automobile.

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Are Car Air Purifiers Productive

But there is a clear issue in this purification system. Because people neglect its operation and function in cold blood, they disregard the fundamentals of maintaining good air quality.

  1. Keep windows open
  2. Do not use the ” Recirculate Mode” of the car
  3. Do not replace the filters in a regular period of time
  4. Disregard the maintenance of the air purification system

Apart from that, inbuilt air purifiers cannot filter Gases like Nitrous Oxides and Sulfur Oxides. For that, you need to try HEPA- high-efficiency particulate air filters.

This type of air filter can theoretically remove at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns (µm). Most Car air purifiers come with HEPA filters which is advanced than inbuilt purification.

In conclusion, we can not 100% guarantee that car air purifiers are safe and protect you from indoor air pollution. But it has an extra advancement than the inbuilt air purification system in most cars.

If you use an air purifier and neglect the basics of air protection from pollution, you cannot be survived even with the world’s most advanced air filtration system.

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