7 Easy Tips to have Clean Air Bedroom


The bedroom is the location Zero of all of our unlimited roarings throughout the day, and it is the most comfortable point after exhausting daily accomplishments. In that case, having an unpleasant bedroom pushes your comfortable life to an edge of nightmares.

Primarily if it creates a pretty smelly and inconvenient atmosphere, other than a satisfied one that may eventually cause health problems, therefore, from today’s Know Your Facts, Let’s talk about seven easy tips you can do to have a clean air bedroom. Read and enjoy.

Tip 01 – Open Bedroom Windows

Having natural ventilation is always the best option you can have, other than having a set of artificial air conditioners. If you have proper airflow into your bedroom, maintaining it from time to time is always essential.

Open windows to outside at least 10minutes

The well-managed ventilation system keeps your electricity bills at their minimum levels.
Opening the windows opposite the room stays as a barrier to the outside breeze, letting the bad inside air go out and outside cleaned air come in.

Even though opening windows in winter is quite hard to do, at least open them for a while to remove loads of harmful air contaminants inside your bedroom, which develop throughout the day. 10-15 minutes is quite enough for better air circulation.

Tip 02- Clean Bed Room Sheets

A bed is the most significant area of your bedroom. So well cleaned sheets always represent the cleanliness and freshness of your bedroom. Another reason is that it is a suitable habitat for several pathogens.

According to expert explanation, washing of the sheets should be done once a week. Not only sheets on the bed but also pillowcases and duvet covers too. If there is no proper cleanup regularly, bacteria might quickly grow there, which smells very bad.

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Clean bed sheets at least once a week

Out of all, the bed is one of the main reasons behind bedroom odor.

If you have a medical condition like an asthmatic issue or problem in your respiratory system, cleaned sheets need to be well warmed to ensure no growth hint of mold or dust mints. If so, it obviously leads to a breakdown indoor bedroom atmosphere

Tip 3 – Try an Air Purifier

Air purifiers are pretty helpful when are is a detectable level of a bad indoor atmosphere.

Besides that, air purifiers are pretty beneficial while sleeping and unnoticeable pollutant level increment, which is a health-hazardous condition.

Air purifiers filter most air pollutants and other indoor foul odor developing factors at the airborne level. Depending on your requirements, you can select advanced filtration air purifications.

Tip 4 – Try Natural Cleaning Products

Most of the cleaning products in the market have a higher level of chemical ingredients.

Even though they have a higher cleaning capacity, they can easily add a number of harmful air pollutant vapors to the atmosphere after a while.

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Try Natural cleaning products

Trying alternative natural cleaning products can minimize your bedroom atmospheric toxicity down to a certain level;

  1. Soda – Remove stains from the clothes and other garment materials
  2. Baby Oil-Posh shoes
  3. Vinegar Spray-Glass clean
  4. Baking soda- Clean wood surfaces. Mostly watermarks
  5. Olive oil- Polish surfaces
  6. Cornstarch – Polish any silverware materials

Tip 5 – Try Bedroom Plants

Having an air purifier or any cleaning machines is quite good in the bedroom. But can they decorate your bedroom as well as plants? That is because plants are alive, and they also have suitable air purification even without touching your bills.

prudence earl NwBx723XaHw unsplash
Indoor plants are the best option

They can give a refreshing atmosphere even by watching.

If you are also planning to place a plant inside your room, make a proper selection. All kinds of plants cannot correctly do air purification as well as specific groups. Some of them exhale CO2 at night, which is quite dangerous to keep in the bedroom.

Here is a list of plants you can try to place in your bedroom air purification.

  1. English Ivy
  2. Bamboo Palm
  3. Dragon Tree
  4. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue
  5. Peace Lily
  6. Spider Plant
  7. Parlor Palm
  8. Aloe Vera
  9. Broad Lady Palm
  10. Ficus

Tip 6 – Check the Materials in your Bedroom

These days, most of the products in the market have been designed with higher levels of artificial materials without adequately researching the inconveniences it can cause to consumers. Some materials change their interior structure with different kinds of atmospheric conditions.

Some of them are reactive with cleaning products in the markets. Other than this, some products are decaying microscopically as small particles and add to the bedroom atmosphere, leading to several kinds of medical conditions with long-term exposure.

spacejoy nEtpvJjnPVo unsplash 1
Select material for bedroom after a good research

Sometimes, diseases also do not have specific symptoms to identify the pathogen behind all of this.
Therefore, before selecting any material for your bedroom, do a quick research.

Tip 7 – Do not try Cheap Candles in Bedroom Daily

You may also have heard the danger of the particular candles (Mostly paraffin wax candles) and their vapor which includes toxic compounds, leading to several health abnormalities.

But researchers say it is okay to use them once in a while. But if you are willing to try them like a habit. That is not okay.

rebecca peterson hall aN zGYlxiCI unsplash 2
Check about the toxicity of candles

There is a noticeable potential to have a cancer-causing chemical presence in such bedrooms. Mostly this goes with scented paraffin candles.

But even that is minimum level once a while tries to reduce even that too, which is highly recommended for a bedroom.

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