Connection Between Air Pollution and Autism: What You Should Know

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The connection between air pollution and autism has become a recently trending topic after, air pollution’s serious health impacts like heart disease and lung cancers.

Other than typical respiratory system-based medical conditions, air pollution has lately attached significantly to human health.

From today’s Know Your Facts Let’s concern this link between air pollution and autism. Also, let’s discuss in brief the mechanism of air pollution leading to autism and what can we do to manage that situation. Read and enjoy.

What is Autism?

Autism is identified as a developmental disorder. It directly affects,

  1. Communication
  2. Social interaction
  3. The behavior of a person.

There is no exact understanding of the reason to develop autism. Most of the research point out it as a combination of the genetics and factors of the surrounding.

Most autism cases have been reported in early childhood. Sometimes its symptoms may be too severe when some autism cases are not too serious.

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Research Linking Air Pollution and Autism

There are number researches leading to clarifying the link between air pollution and autism.

A study published in JAMA Pediatrics

There are some mothers who are often exposed to air pollution during their pregnancy period and have a chance of getting autism symptoms in their kid compared with those who are not exposed to air pollution more often.

A study published in Environmental Health Perspectives

There is some type of link between air pollution and autism in children who lives more time near air-polluted residencies soon after their birth.

Potential mechanisms linking Air Pollution and Autism

But scientists have not still found the exact explanation for this development behind air pollution’s effect on autism.

One theory explains that air pollution may cause inflammation in the body. It could in turn affect brain development and lead to autism.

Another theory explains that air pollution may impact the delivery of oxygen to the brain. It could also impact brain development and lead to autism.

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What can we do to Control this Air Pollution impact on Autism?

When most of the researchers try to find out the link between air pollution and autism, the practical way is to control the air pollution link anyway.

Here are some effective ways we can manage the link between air pollution and autism in your lives.

1. Monitor Air Quality

air pollution and autism
Monitor indoor and outdoor air quality although there is or not link between air pollution and autism

Check the air quality in your area regularly. You can use air quality monitoring apps or websites to get real-time updates.

If the outside air quality is poor, try to stay indoors. And limit outdoor activities. More importantly, most kids play outside even in early childhood.

Make sure to check their activities parallel with air quality.

2. Use Air Purifiers

Invest in a good quality air purifier for your home. Air purifiers can filter out harmful particles and chemicals from the air.

Also, its is providing a safer environment for your child. Make sure better protection with HEPA filters including air purifiers.

3. Use Masks

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Use a mask for better protection from air quality

If you need to go outdoors, use a mask that can filter out PM2.5 and NO2 particles.

Masks can provide some protection against air pollution and reduce your child’s exposure.

4. Choose Clean Transportation

Try to avoid traveling by car or other fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Instead, use clean transportation options like bicycles or electric vehicles.

5. Support Clean Air Policies

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Support better policies that keep you healthy and safe

Support clean air policies and initiatives in your community. Advocate for stronger regulations to reduce air pollution and improve air quality.


Q. Is there any air pollution and autism?

A. Although this link has not been 100% verified, there are some research and record support for air pollution and worse autism conditions.

Q. How does air pollution lead to autism?

A. There is no clear explanation behind this. Scientists believe that air pollution affects the brain development of kids which leads to autism later.

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The potential link between air pollution and autism is a concerning issue that requires further research.

Although this impact is not 100% revealed, exposure to air pollution from early childhood or period of pregnancy is not good for your development and health.

Therefore, other than trying to confirm to our duty is to minimize exposure to air pollution and control our contribution to worse that situation.

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