Best 5 Air Purifiers for 1000 Square Feet Room

Air Purifiers for 1000 Square Feet

Air Purifiers for 1000 Square Feet- the topic speaks itself about what we are going to talk about today. Selecting your own air purifier for your room or home is a personal thing.

Other than that if you are seeking a purifier for your office area or a bit bigger space, you might need to consider several controversial facts before selecting one.

Therefore, today Know Your Facts decided to talk about what we should consider about before selecting Air Purifiers for 1000 Square Feet and the top 5 in this category according to Lassowond’s Recommendation. So stay tuned read and enjoy.

Why Room Area is important for Air purifiers?

Before selecting a suitable air purifier, considering its room capacity which is going to perform is an important factor.

Most of us have no better idea about, the air purifier’s recommended room area, it needs to be performed.

There are several problems you might face in the future if you neglect that today. If of them can be identified as:

1. Higher Electricity bill

Think like this. If you are buying an air purifier which is recommended for 500 sq. ft. But you place it in a 1500 sq. ft sized room which has higher air pollutants level than accepted.

read bills
Right selection reduces your bills

Because most of the latest air purifiers are running with real-time air quality detectors, it has to perform at full capacity until the increase of indoor air quality index for more time than recommended. Eventually, this leads to higher electricity consumption than usual.

On the other hand, wasting your money on a bigger air purifier for a small area is wasting electricity when it runs at full performance.

2. Much time for full air purification

If you are going with a small air purifier, in a larger room area, this practically spends much more time than usual. So you have to expose to air contaminants much time.

But if you are selecting better performing air purifier, this time might reduce by a significant level.

3. Increase Noise

Most of the air purifiers are performing under the below 85 dB which is suitable for human hearing.

But when an air purifier is not fit in the room, filters can easily run out in a short period and additional noise due to this can break your sleep eventually.

4. Often filter change

This is the most effective thing you might feel because it touches your pocket. We all know filter replacement is a required function if you buy an air purifier.

Most air purifiers are coming with 9-12 months of lifetime performance in a given set of room areas. But for much larger rooms this time period is quite not enough to perform.

So you have to allocate extra money for these frequent replacements.

Select Air Purifier (Based on Room Area)

To manage these conditions, we need to try several tips while selecting an air purifier which appropriates for your room.

1. Measure Room size

Having proper knowledge about the room where you are going to place the purifier is always important.

Measure the room size first

Other than that, considering the existing air pollution index, the space that the purifier needs to cover is significant as mentioned earlier.

2. Check Purifier CADR Value

CADR value is a specific value that has been given to identifying the performance of the purifier concerning the room space in which you are going to place it.

It gives a rough idea of how many times that purifier is going to clean the entire room in a given period of time.

You need to tally this value with room space, to get a proper idea about the purifier.

3. Check filter performance

Most air purifier filters are recommended for a specific amount of time frame, for given performance and specification. It is mostly a 9-12 months period.

Sometimes a bit higher. If your air filters are performing way outer of that, there can be several assumptions we can make.

  1. The air purifier is not performing as mentioned
  2. Indoor air quality has fallen
  3. A suitable air purifier for your room has not been selected

The first two factors can be specifically not considered in the given filter time period. But the Third factor might give an idea about your selection for proper selection.

4. Cross-check with external Air quality meter

After the selection of the purifier, check whether it performs as mentioned in the manual.

air quality meter and smart phone
Cross-check with external Air quality meter

Most air purifiers are giving real-time air quality index value by mobile application or its digital display. Check this indicator with another air quality meter.

If there is a sort of equality, the performance of the purifier can be recommended for future consumption.

How to Measure Room Size?

Measuring the indoor area is quite easy. If it is not an industrial or office location, you have to just measure the width and length of the room in feet and multiply it.

Normally the size of the room depends on the height of the walls too. The normal size of the room in sq. ft has decided for an average wall height of 8fts.

For example –
Assume a room with length-10 ft.s, Width-10 ft.s, Height- 8 ft.s.
Total volume – 800 cub.ft

If this height changed by 2fts
Assume a room with length-10 fits, Width-10 ft.s, and Height- 10 ft.
Total volume – 1000 cub.ft

So it’s 200 ft. arise up.
Which you have to change the performance specification concerning that. If you are looking for an office area, just check the layout of the map. Always disregard the extra hindrances, like furniture.

What is CADR value?

CADR value stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate of the air purification process and reflects its efficacy. CADR value mainly stands for filtering air pollutants like tobacco, pollen, smoke, and dust.

It is a given by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM).

CADR value reads in cfm (cubic feet per minute). Normally this value is very helpful in air purifier comparison for given specifications.

CADROne air Change / Hour
(sq. ft)
Two air Changes / Hour
(sq. ft)
Three air Changes / Hour
(sq. ft)
Few CADR value vs Number of air changes per hour -(Reference –

Normally when performance gets increased, the CADR value also gets raised.

1000 Square Feet Room and Above

Normally 1000 sq. ft is not quite a bigger room area compared normal house. But in air purifier wise, any air purifier suitable from 1000 sq. ft to above has considered a bigger air purifier.

These air purifiers are much suitable for:

  1. Bigger Bedrooms
  2. Office areas
  3. Storages
  4. Living rooms
  5. Dorm rooms
  6. Small apartment

Most of the portable and limited range air purifiers are quite fit for small rooms or tied indoor areas performance.

Air Purifiers for 1000 Square Feet Room

1. Okaysou Smart Air Purifier

With 1000 sq. ft over coverage this air purifier operates with 5 stages of air purification system under CADR value of 250.

Air Purifiers for 1000 Square Feet
Okaysou Smart Air Purifier

Several features of this air purifier stay a few steps ahead of the normal air purifiers and 100 % zone-free functionality and turbo purification system which plays the next level of air cleaning under multiple certifications and listings.

  1. Size – 13.2 x 7.2 x 19 inches
  2. CADR -250
  3. Coverage –
    a. 1000 sq.ft/ 1 hour
    b. 774 sq.ft / 0.5 hour
    c. 387 sq. ft / 0.25 hour
  4. Filtration system –
    a. Washable Pre-filter
    b. H13 HEPA filter
    c. Nanois filter
    d. Honeycomb Activated Carbon filter
    e. Premium True HEPA filter
  5. Special Features-
    a. Child Lock Protective mode
    b. Turbo Fast Air Purification
    c. 100 % Ozone free
    d. 3 Fans speed
    e. Filter replacement indicator
    f. ECO mode
  6. Certification-
    a. CARB Certified
    b. CE certified
    c. FCC certified
    d. ETL listed

2. Green Air Encore Air Purifier

With a futuristic design, this high-performance air purifier is specially designed for larger rooms starting from 1000 sq. ft.

51o srj3XsL. AC SL1500
Green Air Encore Air Purifiers for 1000 Square Feet

Introducing ion cluster technology and 3 stages of purification creates oxygen-rich breathing surrounding by capturing almost all air contaminants indoor areas.

  1. Size – 25 x 7.5 x 14 inches
  2. Minimum coverage – 1000 sq.ft
  3. Filter configuration –
    a. Pre-filter
    b. Activated Carbon filter
    c. True HEPA filter
  4. Special Features –
    a. 4 Speed fan setup
    b. Air quality indicator
    c. Ion-cluster technology

3. Medify MA-112 Air Purifier

With 950 CADR value, Medify MA-112 air purifier is running with 4 stages of air purification with two levels of HEPA cleaning.

71C0Mi7rNlL. AC SL1500
Medify MA-112 Air Purifiers for 1000 Square Feet

Unlike other purifiers, its higher CADR value leads to clean larger rooms like 2500 sq. ft and up. With several levels of certifications, this air purifier also has been guaranteed better performance with good power consumption and government listing certification in energy technology equipment.

  1. Size – 28 x 16 x 15 inches
  2. CADR value – 950
  3. Maximum Coverage –
    a. 3700 sq.ft / 1 hours
    b. 2500 sq.ft / 0.5 hours
  4. Filter Configuration-
    a. Pre-filter
    b. HEPA H13 filter
    c. HEPA H11 filter
    d. Activated Carbon filter
  5. Special Features –
    a. 4 fans speed
    b. Ultra-quiet functions
    c. Optional ionizer
    d. Filter replacement indicator
    e. Child Lock Feature
  6. Certification –
    a. CARB certification
    b. ETL certification
    c. Energy-star certified

4. Colzer BKJ-33 Air Purifier

With several levels of push-button controls to set 1 2 4 8 hours timer, fan speed, and sleep mode this air purifier much suitable for a better quiet night’s sleep in a bedroom.

618hRBGXHcL. AC SL1500
olzer BKJ-33 Air Purifiers for 1000 Square Feet

With the triple stage of air purification, Colzer Purifier is much more convenient in relatively larger rooms starting from 1300 sq. ft.

  1. Size – 23.5 x 16.75 x 10.25 inches
  2. CADR – 330 cfm
  3. Room –
    a. 1300 sq.ft / 1 hour
    b. 650 sq.ft / 30 mins
  4. Filtration System –
    a. Pre-filter
    b. Activate carbon filter
    c. H13 HEPA filter
  5. Special features –
    a. 3 stages of fan
    b. Smart auto mode
    c. Energy-saving timer
    d. 28 dB quiet noise
    e. Digital operation
    f. Child lock

5. Alen BreatheSmart 75i Air Purifier

Cleaning up 1300 sq. ft room in 30 minutes this air purifier is perfect for larger rooms and performs for 25 dB whispering night sleeps.

711nVpPutoS. AC SL1500
Alen BreatheSmart 75i Air Purifiers for 1000 Square Feet

Under a lower level of power, it runs under energy star certified with 5 levels of fan speeds.

Other than normal Alen air purifiers 75i runs under a 12-15 months longer time period with several features like Patented Smart sensors, Air Quality indicators, and more.

  1. Size – 12 x 19 x 27 inches
  2. CADR – 347 cfm
  3. Maximum Room – 1300 sq.ft/ 30 minutes
  4. Noise –
    a. High – 49dB
    b. Low – 25db
  5. Filter configuration –
    a. Pre-filter
    b. B7-FRESH Filter
    c. H13 HEPA filter
  6. Special features-
    a. 4 stages of fan and turbo mode
    b. Ionizer feature
    c. Filter lifetime -12-15 months
    d. Patented Smart Sensor
    e. Air Quality Indicator
  7. Certified –
    a. Energy-star certified

Disclaimer: -These are Lassowond Recommendations for your information; please conduct research before making a decision.

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