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The local Air Purifier manufacturing market is not as big as China’s global manufacturing. With vast and cheap labor capacity, the United States cannot compete with China, not only side of the air purifiers but is also excellent in the mass production scale.

Nevertheless, luckily, the United States has got several well-established local companies capable of filling the void of the national requirement for Clean air.

Even though they cannot 100% fulfil our requirement in quantity, with certified quality scale and better performances, these company’s brands stay top of the list all time.

From today’s Know Your Facts let’s talk about the Top 7 Air Purifiers Made in USA that keep our lungs clean. Read and enjoy.

1. Alen Air Purifiers

Alen is a Top Texas-based United states company that manufactures several types of air purifiers with several variations.

With filtrations of TRUE HEPA, activated carbon, and more, Alen air purifiers dominate the local market in all kinds of commercial and domestic aspects of air purification.

There are several Models specifically found;

ModelBreatheSmart FLEXBreatheSmart 45iBreatheSmart Fit50BreatheSmart ClassicBreatheSmart 75i
Designe4e9b44a 26cb 482a b875 eb8e716f2fce. CR00150300 PT0 SX150 V1 3 editedd347733e 8fca 43b6 8174 ee735483d2f1. CR00150300 PT0 SX150 V1 edited34b75786 985d 40c6 b897 6db18b3e5dc8. CR00150300 PT0 SX150 V1 edited4998e116 9697 4381 809e c72901c85062. CR00150300 PT0 SX150 V1 edited65f69f28 5741 4aa9 9c49 3acadf9d87da. CR00150300 PT0 SX150 V1 edited
Size8.5 x 15 x 25 ‘19 x 11 x 28′10 x 17 x 22 ‘12 x 19 x 27 ‘
ControlCorded ElectricAC/DCAC/DC
Coverage Area700 Sq.ft800 Sq.ft900 Sq.ft1,100 Sq.ft1,300 Sq.ft
Power36 W50 W60 W60 W45 W
Filter Life9-12 Mths9-12 Mths9-12 Mths9-12 Mths12-15 Mths
Ionizer FeatureNoYesYesYesYes
Designer Color PanelsYesYesYesYesYes
Alen Air Purifier Comparison -Air purifiers Made in USA

Color – White/ Brushed Stainless/ Espresso/ Graphite/ Oak/ Weathers Gray

For Your Information – These are our recommendations for the top 5 Air purifiers Made in USA. Comment yours below.

2. Austin Air Purifiers

Austin Air System Manufactures is a New York-based air purifier company that makes silence operative air purifier products to the US market and to the world. Austin Air purifiers are mostly designed for pet dander, allergies, and medical-grade purification.

There are several Models specifically found:

1. Austin Air HealthMate Standard Air (B400B1)

2. Austin HealthMate (HM400) Standard HEPA

Air purifiers Made in USA
Austin HealthMate (HM400) – Air purifiers Made in USA

a. Color – Sandstone/ Black/ Mightnight blue/ White
b. Size – 14.5 x 14.5 x 23 inches
c. Power – 56 – 132 W
d. Fan – Three speed fans / 400,200,75 CFM
e. Filter – Permafilt pre-filter/ activated carbon zeolite blend/ True Medical HEPA/

3. Honeywell Air Purifiers

Honeywell is a famous air purifier company based in North Carolina, more than 100 years old. Honeywell air purifiers are based on HEPA filters to capture allergens, germs, and other particles. Most Honeywell filters are permanent washable filters. Other than ordinary air purifiers, higher-level categories depend on different room sizes.

There are several Models specifically found out

Design519f4w VAlL. AC SL120061cJknatufL. AC SL120081KYNJYo4LL. AC SL1500
Dimensions8.5 x 9.5 x 268 x 11 x 158.1 x 11.1 x 25.620.1 x 10.8 x 22.328.9 x 11.5 x 11.5
Room Size170 sq.ft75 sq.ft170 sq ft465 sq.ft250 sq. ft
Smoke CADR12048110300
Dust CADR12465120320
Pollen CADR 11772130300
Honeywell Air Purifiers Comparision -Air purifiers Made in USA

For Your Information – These are our recommendations for the top 5 air purifiers Made in USA. Comment yours below.

4. Molekule Air Purifiers

Molekule is a San Francisco-based air purifier company that started in the early 2000s’. With a breakthrough purification technology: PECO (Photo Electrochemical Oxidation), the technology is now powering all Molekule air purifiers, and with a specific exterior design, it is revolutionizing the market at local and international levels.

There are several Models specifically found out

ModelAir Air ProAiri MiniAiri Mini +
Design ba484410 e1f6 4c22 a6b5 451a0ae11fed. CR00200225 PT0 SX200 V1f97c50a0 db50 47bf bbac 84b16c0447e8. CR00200225 PT0 SX200 V11e6969d7 4d70 4cb2 a60d 7c0c44e1e674. CR00200225 PT0 SX200 V14ac8a493 63b0 4ed3 91d6 903f223c5436. CR00200225 PT0 SX200 V1
Room600 sq. ft1000 sq. ft250 sq. ft250 sq. ft
SensorsParticle/ CO2/ Humidity/ VOCsNoneParticleNo
Anodized aluminiumMedical-grade polycarbonateMedical-grade polycarbonate
HandleVegan leatherVegan leatherVegan leatherVegan leather
Fan3 manual speeds6 speeds/2 Auto-Protect modes5 manual speedsAuto-Protect – 5 manual speeds
Filters 1 PECO & 1 Pre-Filter1 Multi-layer PECO-Filter1 Multi-layer PECO-Filter1 Multi-layer PECO-Filter
ControlDigital touch display & AppDigital touch display & AppTouch display & AppTouch display & App
Molekule Air Purifiers Comparision – Air purifiers Made in USA

5. Oransi Air Purifiers

Oransi is a Texas-based air purifier company. Brand EJ120 is produced in the USA, and others are assembled in China. From one to one, Oransi follows different kinds of designs. However, the combination of pre-filter, carbon filter, and HEPA filters performs higher by cleaning in most homes in the united states even today.

There are several Models specifically found out

Designc1bd4c64 cacd 4bcb 933e 8b74d915d9e6. CR00450900 PT0 SX150 V1b682faa5 482d 4c9e b402 d5b8f4dcdcec. CR00450900 PT0 SX150 V1956aa9e4 1eaf 4bb2 9094 7329f89af9dd. CR00450900 PT0 SX150 V18196e13c f780 4ca9 a2c6 8626c3c58dae. CR00450900 PT0 SX150 V16ff21a72 8a58 445e 8775 13fdbc147a7b. CR00450900 PT0 SX150 V1
Size12.5 x 22.5 x 12.5″14 x 25 x 14″17 x 22 x 8″13 x 23 x 7″10 x 22 x 7″
Room 878 Sq.Ft1,250 Sq.Ft600 Sq.Ft400 Sq.Ft400 Sq.Ft
Filter Life6-12 months6-12 months12 months12 months6-12 months
Features Touch screen interfaceTouch screen interfaceFilter replacement indicator, auto mode, gas/dust sensorRemote control, Night Mode, Auto Mode, Timer, Child Lock, Air Quality SensorFilter replacement indicator, tower design to fit in small spaces, 3 fan speeds, comes with 2 extra pre-filters
Oransi Air Purifiers Comparision – Air purifiers Made in USA

Disclaimer: -These are Lassowond Recommendations for your information; please conduct research before making a decision.

These are our recommendations for the Top 5 Air purifiers Made in USA in 2022. Comment below your list. – Air purifiers Made in USA


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