How to Get Rid of Indoor Smoke Odor!-Know Your Facts


If you are a smoker you may OK with smoke Odor, even while you are not smoking. But for nonsmokers, it is quite an unpleasant thing to bear. Most of indoor smoker home has smell with long term of smoking. Actually, did you know some of them are allergic to cigarette smoke? Therefore, every time you smoke indoors, please be kind enough to keep that air clean after your task. Not like garbage, it quite hard to catch the smoke and remove it away. Luckily there are several tricks ways to clean smoke air easily. Stay with How to Get Rid of Indoor Smoke Odor!-Know Your Facts and learn more. Read and Enjoy.

1. Let the Air Come in

open window
Open window

First thing first. Before you set up any equipment or any trick, you have to use common sense. Let the airways flow through your room. If you can, open your room in more than a single direction. It quickly reduces the unpleasant smell. But if you do not have enough wind power, you can a portable exhaust fan with some money. Also, Proper ventilation helps you always for your healthier lungs in the future.

2.Try Vinegar Wash

The amazing thing about the smoke or cigarette smell, even you refresh your home, feels like it still there. The reason before this is, smoke odor can easily stay on carpets furniture, and even on walls. To remove them you may need some chemicals indeed. Actually, you can find them in the kitchen. It is White vinegar.

Vinegar is natural acid with a lower pH value. Due to smoke comes higher pH, vinegar works as a natural pH neutralizer. You can apply vinegar in many ways. One way is to fill some balls with white vinegar and keep them inside the home. It may give an irritating smell first, but with the time you will feel Okay. Vinegar vapor slowly removes the smoke odor after a few days.

Also, spray vinegar mixed water is a good technique to get rid of bad smells. It can spray furniture as well as walls. Also, it might be the reason, people clean clothes with vinegar mixed water.

3. What about Baking Powder for Smoke Odor

Vacuum Cleanig
Floor Cleaning

Backing power aka Sodium Bicarbonate is another way of getting rid of bad smoke. Unlike vinegar, baking soda is a quick response to spraying. But you have to clean the baking power spray after a while.
First, dissolve the baking powder in a water ball very well. Then apply it on furniture and surface in a very dilute manner. After two hours you will experience vanish of the unpleasant nature of the smoke. When using a vacuum cleaner or spice of cloth wipe up the baking soda layer.

Baking powder is generally just baking soda mixed with an acid like cream of tartar. It does the same procedure as mentioned in vinegar. Base neutralization. Actually, it is a good cleaning ingredient in-deed.

4.Yeah, Carbon Works Too!

Actually, it is not just carbon. Its charcoal aka activated carbon is one of the best odor absorbers. Not just for smoke, the most toxic compound in water is also can filter through charcoal.
Like water filters, there is charcoal used in air filters too. You do not need to buy those expensive filters just because of smoke purification. There are several products with charcoal in the market often.
Most of the time they are named after “air purifier capable” brands. You cannot just use any burned wood on furniture and fabric. You may leave not only with smoke but also with black stains.

5.Go with Air Purifiers for Smoke Odor

Actually, the most practical way for clean air is an Air purifier. Not only for stink smoke smells, but it is also suitable for any indoor cleaning system. If you got some money it is a practical method to clean your air with all odors allergen and other contaminants with Purifiers.

In the market HEPA brand is the most famous technology in the community. But depending on your needs, there are plenty of options to try. Even it’s in the car or home or office you can do your selection for better breathing. Don’t get me wrong. True HEPA is perfect for the air cleaning process. But keep remembering your options is always good.

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