Cool Down Your Home Without an AC!-Know Your Facts


If you got an air conditioner for the summer, kudos to you its cool, right. But it’s too costly too. We both know air conditioners are too heavy for our pockets. Also on other hand, it adds long numbers to our electricity bills.

Anyhow, summer is not something we cannot be neglected in this kind of global warming. Right?. Especially it’s too hard to be sweaty even after a stressful workday. Therefore even if use an AC for your home or without an AC let’s talk about what can we do to our home cool. It surely may be helpful to your bank account. Especially for your health. In today’s Know your facts – Let’s Cool Down your Home without an AC !. Read and Enjoy.

1. Know Your Laws of Blinds

If you are a good analyzer, you may probably experience a clear temperature difference on summer days. In most countries, day time is quite hot and night time lesser. So if you plan to on or off blinds, keep remembering most of the heat comes from through windows. Sometimes you may hear a factor called the “Green House Effect” which increases the global temperature. If you open blind at day times, to be cool, it makes the condition worst. Actually leads to a small homemade greenhouse.

Know your Blinds Laws

Therefore in the daytime close them as possible. But nighttime opens them to invite a cool breeze in. Also, the fact is, it is essential to open windows on two different sides. This helps to room, to keep the good ventilation inside. Otherwise, air does not go through without a pressure difference. They stuck inside. Basics physics.

2. Water Your Home

In summer we normally drink fluids more than usual. Otherwise, we surely get dehydrated, due to background heat. But when you are home, you can control the humidity of the surroundings unlike outside. We can use a few water cans opened inside the home. Eventually, without dehydrating you, the home gets the water needs from those reservoirs.

without an AC
Water your Home

This cooling trick is used in some of the homes on sweaty nights. You can spill a few small water buckets on the floor in the bedroom. The rest of the nights will be sweet dreams. Cleaning will be taken care of home dehydration power.

3. Cook Wisely

One of the heat-generating reasons is a hot stove in the noon. Also, there are some other machines too. For example, if we cook late evening or morning, it gives less heat outside.

family cook
Cook Wisely

Also washing at night is a good trick too. It’s like managing your electricity usage wisely. With or without an AC, that fact helpful by following time table for electricity usage. Likewise, we can control the temperature effect with maximum benefits. Nothing but small good-wife tricks.

4. It is LED After All

If you are a 90’s kid you should know the power of the yellow light at night. Even in winters it is like a hot stove to home. But at the beginning of the 21st-century people started to use CFL bulbs. Which have lesser energy consumption with better light. Also low sweaty nights.

Night by pool chairs
LED Nights without an AC

But with technology, the new trend is LED light. It’s like matches heat in the winter season. Also, LEDs have a higher lifetime than normal bulbs. Which helpful anyway. They are very suitable for bedrooms and kitchens, depending on your sweaty vlogs. But it is OK to keep normal bulbs in your pocket. Because winter is coming anyway.

5. Time for Humidifier without An AC

Actually, Humidifiers are a quite good replacement for Air conditioners. Except for cleaning the air, Humidifiers help refreshes your atmosphere.

Time to Humidifiers

They are increasing humidity in the room in an automated manner. Also in the winter season also it does a better job with heated water. Other than Air conditions, they are consuming low energy from your bill and especially low cost the remarkable factor to consider about them.

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