Does Smoking So Bad with Know Your Facts


Have you ever notice someone says you “You stinks” more than once a day? Weird question right? But if you are a regular smoker, (unless you are not bathing for weeks), that might not be a new question for you. Even though smoking cigarettes is a common thing for winter, there is a big community that allocates their budget daily in a big deal. You can hear sayings like “smoking – you shall not”. Which is like a guilty pleasure.

But have you ever notice many actors smoking in movies like a big deal even so. Therefore, even it is stinks or not, there should be a serious fact as everybody says smoking is a bad habit this much.

Is it because of health issues or financial problems? So Let’s talk about smoking and find out. Why is it so bad, from today Know Your Facts Does Smoking So Bad?.

What is a Cigarette included?

Cigarettes are usually made up of 3 basic parts. They are a Cigarette filter, a rolling paper, and a tobacco blend. Tobacco leaves and leaf stems are used to make a tobacco blend. The main plant use for manufacture this blend called “ Nicotina Tabacum”.

What happens once a cigarette is lit?

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( smoking lead to cancers)

Normal tobacco blends over 7000 various types of chemicals. Which are released in the form of small particles and gases. Cigarette smoke then passes through its filter.

This filter is capable of partially burnt tobacco also known as the tar. But practically it can not filter all of the tar which comes after burning the blend.

After a cigarette is burnt these tar stains in fingernails and move into your mouth which affects your teeth, inner mouth, and vocal cords.

These vocal cords are irritated because of the tar and you can experience a change in your sound and reflexively cough.

Once cigarette smoke has passed through the upper airway, it then goes to the lower airway. Lower airway lined by cilia. They are sort of hair-like projections that beat to remove debris and bacteria out of the lung.

Here HCN(hydrogen Cyanide) the poisonous gas that works with tar to break down these cilia. Therefore if you are out of cilia, cigarette smoke gets a free ticket to go deeper in your lungs.

Due to this reason, other cancer-causing chemicals in cigarette smoke also coat the lining of the airways.

This is a way of increasing Significantly, the risk of lung cancer.

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Life with Cancers

When the main protector of the lung got disabled, smoke can easily access the deep part of the lung, the air secs.

Also known as alveoli where they do transition the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the cell. In another word, the lungs are fuel suppliers to run our bodies and remover of its side products.

In this process, CO ( carbon monoxide) which is another compound that comes with smoke tries to impact this process in those deeper areas.

With cilia protection is keep failing, it makes internal mucus to increase the protection. This leads to narrow the airways and makes it hard to breathe.

What happens to our inner Body?

Meanwhile, other poisonous compounds are trying to access the bloodstream. Which are capable of influence all the organs limitlessly. They can damage any kind of body cell. Seriously any type.

They also can narrow the blood vessels. Especially to the Brain and heart. This impact leads to break down the process to other main bloodstreams. These also can narrow the blood vessels by inflammation.

If any blood supply to the brain or the heart is blocked by such part of brain tissue or heart muscle can die. This is known as a stroke and heart attack which gives you permanent disability.

Also, the most poisonous metal ions can easily give you, many cancers other than lung cancers. It may be mostly skin cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, or bladder cancer as the list goes on. But above all one chemical rules everything. Nicotine.

Smoking with Nicotine

tobacco blend ( smoking lead to cancers)

When you read this, it feels disgusting to smoke with all of the diseases and other reasons. Who why do they Keep smoking? The reason is Nicotine.

After you smoke in 7 seconds, literally nicotine can capable of reach to the brain. It can easily activate specific activators in the brain. They can easily lead to switching ON the brain’s reward and alertness system.

This is the reason for some people says “ I can focus on my studies now” after a cigarette.

Also, nicotine is the reason for temporary feelings like relaxation.
Nicotine can stay in the body for few hours and breaks down in your liver and expel through urine.

As soon as the body is out of nicotine it gives red alerts like “ We are out of something extremely needed, do the supply”. It can easily see after your last smoke.

Signs of nicotine withdrawal from smoking

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Anxiety with restlessness
  1. Restlessness
  2. Anxiety
  3. Anger
  4. Frustration
  5. Insomnia

Even when you see a lit cigarette, nicotine level quickly reduces as magic. Which shows you the danger of this.

But this time body asks for more. This means you cannot flee from one cigarette. Even if you stopped there it feels like something missing in your body.

Believe it or not, this is the first baby step for your cigarette cycle of addiction. So Congrats. You are in Expressway to death.

Financial Benefits you get with Smoking

In the U.S. there were more than 34 million current smokers in the year 2019. Which used more than 100 cigarettes in life and do it daily. According to records, 95 % of cigarette users come with age 21 starts.

According to the National Cancer Institute records, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes you can easily burn more than $3,000 per year. With the tax, it can never get beneath it.

But this, not the end. There have more to come. The medical bills.

In the United States, Cigarette smoking kills more than 480,000 each year. Besides, it costs more than $300 billion a year for illness in hospital bills related to smoking. But it is not from your pocket, right? What a relief.

Other than cancer there are so many long-term effects

  1. Break down alveoli wall
  2. Skin wrinkling
  3. Smell and taste loss
  4. Impotence and list go on…..

Tobacco is the only legal drug that kills its users as a manufacturer intends exactly.

Believe it or not, it is so hard to stop smoke as an addition, and once someone says “ I can stop this any movement, I am not addicted” is nothing but a big sense of humor.

Therefore the best thing to do, never lit a cigarette even it was the worst option you have to do.

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