Most Popular Types of Air Purifiers-Know Your Facts

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Before you select an Air purifier, you should know there are several options you have in the market. Most of them are capable of filtering pollen, dander, dust, and other irritants quickly. But all of them are not equal. Lately, most types of air purifiers have developed a new trend.
Especially new Air purifiers for smoke filtration, Pet danger filtration even for virus and other contaminants are getting famous lately. Even though you search a filter for a car/ home this fact may be important. Let’s talk today in Most Popular Types of Air Purifiers-Know your facts.

Types of Air Purifiers- UV light Air Purifier

If you are familiar with UV in school, you may probably know it can kill bacteria and viruses. Therefore it gives you exact healthy air clean filtration.

Basically, if you are searching purifier for a germ-free home they are so perfect match. But the issue is UV filter does not capture allergens, dust, and solids as you wish. Also, it does not go with smoke and other contaminant gases filtration.

Another issue is some UV purifiers are generating Ozone instead of UV to kill bacteria. Which gives you serious health risks. Therefore, before you select a UV purifier always check first. Whether it is a real UV purifier or not.

It’s very hassle-free for hospitals and other germ-filled areas. Like clinical theaters etc.

Types of Air Purifiers – HEPA Air Purifier

If you are familiar with air purifiers, the HEPA name can not be secret. To that much HEPA, the category is famous in the market. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. According to the records, HEPA filters have a long history of designing their amazing technology.

Types of Air Purifiers
‌HEPA Air Purifier

These filters are efficient in 99.97% of all airborne particles that are as small as 0.3 microns in size. Especially they have got 95% efficient to particles that are 0.1 microns. In the season of coronavirus- HEPA purifiers are quite got famous for the above reason.

But the main issue is in HEPA filters, they are specially designed to filter dust, pollen, mold spores, dust mites, and other allergens. Some bacterias and viruses are also on the list.

Even though they are efficient, fumes, cigarette smoke, or odors, and c some virus cannot be filtered.

Also, any captured microorganism can easily grow in a HEPA filter. Therefore there are cons too. If you want to know more about HEPA read us to know your facts.

Types of Air Purifiers – Ionic Air Purifier

Ionic Air purifiers are the same as UV purifiers. High-tec purification involved. Unlike HEPA purifiers, ionic purifiers are neutralizing the contaminant particle outside of the purifier.

It generating negatively charged ions and airborne particles with positive charges are attracted by them. This relationship does not help to keep them stay airborne.

Therefore the main con is they cannot remove particles from the room. They just reduce the activity. So it is not 100% OK. Therefore Ionic purifiers are cheaper than others.

Same as UV purifiers, some of the ionic purifiers are also coming with Ozone as a by-product. Which is health hazardous. Therefore even though they are cheaper, always care about functionality.

Types of Air Purifiers-Activated Carbon Filters

Active carbon is a well-known purifying compound in most fields. Here active carbon has been used as a filter to absorb airborne contaminants.

Due to the porous quality in a small amount of active carbon, it can easily absorb most of the dust, mold spores, pet hair, smoke, VOCs, and common household chemicals.

Even for large particles, active carbon can absorb with higher efficiency. Active carbons are much preferred for filtering smoke and other chemical fumes. They are not much suitable for filtering micro-organisms and dust particles.

Types of Air Purifiers – Ozone Air Purifier

As you heard Ozone is the best protector for the atmosphere from UV rays. Here, the purifier pumping the Ozone to the outside to oxidize compounds. Actually, ozone is not a quite healthy gas as mentioned.

It can have direct effects on humans and give you huge health issues. Most of the purifiers like UV and ionic air purifiers developed with ozone. Therefore those filters are capable of health issues.

When you’re selecting an air purifier, always should compare your requirement with the characteristics of each purifier. Otherwise, you may be more expensive without reason.

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Most Popular Types of Air Purifiers

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