Where Should I Place Air Purifier?

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Place Air purifier is a tricky question regarding buying a new one of them or comparing their best performance with the most suitable purifying duty.

The vast majority of individuals who purchase air purifiers are not aware of how to evaluate the device’s functionality to the fullest extent; instead, they simply install it while assuming that there are no issues.

However, the vast majority of air purifiers currently on the market do not filter the air pollutants as effectively as we believe they do, unless the user follows the foundations and tricks of the device.

Installing an air purifier in your house, room, or workplace is one of the most important things you should be concerned about on that side, as it will both boost efficiency and the amount of time over which it will operate better.

In today’s installment of Know Your Facts, we are going to discuss some helpful hints and tips that you should be aware of while positioning an air purifier in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. Read and Enjoy.

Dos and Don’ts

Before we continue, I want to point out that this list can be easily divided into two primary categories: do’s and don’ts.

Do list –

Before installing an air purifier in your room, these are the primary considerations you need to give attention to first.

They are not required, as we have stated, but they are extremely beneficial to improve both the product’s current performance and the product’s life cycle.

Don’t list

These instructions for positioning an air purifier are highly mandatory, and failing to follow them will immediately damage the fundamental performance of the air purifying directly.

Place Air Purifier – Do List

1. Place Near the Air Pollutant Source

This is a somewhat tricky idea. First of all, we can all agree that placing an air purifier in an air pollutant source is not the best method to maximize the linear performance of an air purifier.

Additionally, there is a possibility that one may argue that the filter running out in such a short amount of time would be detrimental to the financial side.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, we should all be concerned about the primary goal of investing in an air purifier. The reason for the change in air pollution could be related to the changing of the seasons or, on occasion, the already established layout of the residence from time to time.

Place Air Purifier
Kitchen are best place to place air purifiers – Place Air Purifier

However, you will need to prepare it for each season throughout the year and then put it away in a different room in your house each time. In the spring, when pollen is likely to be a problem, you can install the air purifier near open windows or doors.

In the event that there is a barbeque station located outside throughout the summer, you should position an air purifier in close proximity to it.

In a similar vein, positioning something close to its source will always reduce the dispersal of the air pollution particle and will reduce the impact in a manner that is superior to how it was in the beginning stage.

2. Place Where Higher Flow Rate Positions

It is not a problem to position an air purifier in close proximity to a window. But what about positioning it in an area where there is a significant amount of wind blowing?

In point of fact, air purifiers with higher ratings can work better in dynamic environments thanks to increased levels of motion towards its filtering.

When the air flow rate is higher, it always leads to the creation of additional air pollution particles that cause drag, more so than when the air flow rate is lower.

Place Air Purifier
Open windows collect air pollutants rapidly – Place Air Purifier

It’s possible that air blowing from interior fans in a room won’t have much of an effect on it. The vast majority of the time, air flow should always be directed toward the filters; this provides an additional form of indirect support.

Mold, dust, and pollen are examples of some of the larger air pollution particles. Particulate matter, on the other hand, can move freely throughout an indoor environment.

Therefore, having some additional assistance could be really beneficial for all kinds of pollutants through filters.

3. Place It 3-5 Feet Above from Ground

It is never inappropriate to position an air purifier on the ground. After some time, the majority of the particles that pollute the air are kept on the ground floor.

Therefore, gaining access to that level will almost always be to your advantage. However, since the introduction of air purifiers that are installed on walls, the community has realized that the efficiency of the purifying process can be maximized between 3 ft. and 5 ft. above the ground.

Place Air Purifier
Above the table is best place – Place Air Purifier

This level is frequently caused by the average human breathing access, and due to slight fluctuations in the atmosphere, this region can easily make the surrounding environment more inconvenient in a matter of seconds.

4. Place At Least 6 Inches Away from Walls

When we are concerned about achieving the highest possible performance, it is imperative that we position air purifiers approximately half a foot away from the nearest wall.

The vast majority of today’s most advanced air purifiers are capable of operating in all 360 degrees; nevertheless, in order to achieve optimal performance, wall blocks from the onside must be eliminated.

In the event that the wall side of the filter process performs unequally, there may be an impact on the life cycle of the air purifiers as well as the filters.

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stay 6 inches away from wall – Place Air Purifier

Some of the air purifiers currently available on the market have their inlets of the airways located on the reverse side of the purifier. Because there was insufficient room when it was set up against the wall, the desired level of air absorption could not be achieved.

According to the findings of the research, there is a specific space that must be kept between the back air inlet and the back wall for an air purifier to operate at its most efficient level.

Place Air Purifier – Do not List

1. Avoid Locations with High Humidity

A humidified environment is one of the worst possible nightmarish scenarios for air purifiers. To a lesser extent than bathrooms, areas in close proximity to kitchen sinks or any other water outlet tend to have a household level of humidity that is noticeably higher.

These minute water droplets have the potential to easily disrupt the entire filtering process that is used in air purifiers, which were developed with filtration systems.

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High humidity is night mare to air purifiers – Place Air Purifier

In addition to shortening the lifespan of the filters, moisture in the purifier creates an environment that is conducive to the growth of contaminants such as mold and fungus.

The most recommended moisture level inside the domestic level is the RH (relative humidity)- 50% or below. If you know for a fact that you will be exposed to excessive humidity, you should make an effort to keep the interior of the air purifier clean and mold-free.

Other than that, you could try using a dehumidifier to maintain a somewhat low humidity level in the room. Other than, to maintain this factor more significantly there are dehumidifier and air purifier combined utilities in the market for ensuring better performances.

2. Avoid near Corners

As was noted previously, the performance of any purifier that is located close to a wall is negatively impacted in comparison to that of a free purifier.

When contrasted with a cornered air purifier, though, the situation appears to be manageable. The majority of air purifiers on the market today have poor performance and are a complete financial waste.

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Corners protect 180 degrees – Place Air Purifier

Corner walls obstruct the airflow on two sides, leaving the air entrance at an almost 180-degree angle only.

Even if these hampered air purifiers might work for a longer period of time than usual, the air they cleanse is not as clean as it should be. So say no to corners.

3. Avoid Near Electronic Devices

As is common knowledge, air purifiers are prone to creating their own noises over time. Each noise had its own unique wavelength, and any object that was in close proximity to another noise may have its own wavelength “resonated” or “vibrated” by the first noise.

ashley byrd NtzeeqLBFA unsplash
Stay away from electronic devices – Place Air Purifier

In point of fact, there is some aspect of physics hidden in there. Devices such as radios and televisions are particularly vulnerable to interference from this noise.

As a result, it is not acceptable to keep them in close proximity to one another.

4. Avoid Hindrance on the Floor

If you can keep a few feet of distance between yourself (room obstacles) and the air purifier, you could be surprised by the results.

An air purifier is not a utility that accomplishes the task of overcoming a number of challenges and a crowded environment. It is in need of a stage in order to display its performance.

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Avoid Floor hindrance – Place Air Purifier

The majority of air purifiers sold in stores designate themselves according to room size or floor space, such as 450 square feet or 1000 sq. ft. It does not imply that there should be a free area of 450 sq. ft. to perform in.

This means that it can thoroughly clean a room that is 450 sq. feet. in size according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

However, this might change depending on these challenges up to a certain level. Although you are correct with regard to the size of the space, there is a visible obstruction of the floor which you need to be concerned about if there is a loss in performance as described.

In conclusion, better results might reach with better knowledge. Better placement of an air purifier is also important as its brand name price tag and performance.

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