7 Tips to Reduce Air Pollution

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Reduce air pollution is a controversial topic in society with upraising industrial development and unstoppable human requirements.

Although there are plenty of projects and plans carried out by thousands of international organizations throughout the world, there are daily awareness programs held by most of the media channels in every continent; the majority of the world has missed their individual contribution to reduce air pollution at their home.

Not by more major campaigns with multi-million dollars, just everyone’s small contribution at their home we can make a more significant impact than we can imagine.

That’s why Lassowond decided to give you easy tips we can do to reduce air pollution at your level, which is much more productive and practical. Read and enjoy.

1. Public Transportation

Based on EPA recordings, A typical passenger automobile in the United States emits approximately 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. In 2020, more than 100 million passenger automobiles were identified in the United States. We cannot help but envision the annual contribution of these vehicles to air pollution.

If you are willing to utilize a bus instead of a car, you should also consider the financial benefits and reduction in vehicle traffic.

In the United States, a BRT bus can carry 130 to 150 passengers, which can replace 80 to 100 automobiles. On the other hand, trains can replace passenger-laden automobiles.

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Public Transportation is a best option – Reduce air pollution

Compared to buses, trains are significantly safer and faster. With the advancement of technology, the newest trains are powered by electricity, which significantly reduces air pollution.

You may believe that altering your personal mode of transportation has little effect on the tons of air pollution caused by vehicles.

However, keep in mind that a single person’s contribution to society can have a tremendous impact on the nation as a whole. Therefore, you alone play the ideal role.

2. Reuse Reduce Recycle, and Proper Disposal

Proper waste management has a significant impact on society and the ecosystem surrounding us. Due to their busy lifestyles and lack of concern for the environment, humans disregard waste to the environment as a natural instinct.

In addition to the discomfort litter causes, improperly handled rubbish contributes significantly to increased air pollution.
The 3R method of garbage disposal is a widely established waste management technique.

2.1 Reuse

Reuse is the best first method of waste management. More than 80 percent of once-used products that have broken down are replaced without consideration of the product’s other advantages.

Reduce air pollution
Follow the 3R method – Reduce air pollution

However, if we are more conscientious than average, we will discover that the majority of so-called rubbish is the source of the majority of rather intriguing items.

In order to reduce the pollution that energy production might generate, modern technology also reuses byproducts. On the other side, it is the most cost-effective method for product development.

2.2 Reduce

The second step of waste management is reduction, which includes reducing consumption and output. It is a way to indirectly control the accumulation of garbage that can be reused or planned for use.

Most energy and product reductions contribute to the deterioration of the eco-equilibrium systems as a result of minimal material usage in the production and disposal of trash.

2.3 Recycle

In the recycling process, the majority of environmentally unfriendly items from the disposal process are turned into products that are environmentally friendly, suitable for consumption, and produce the least amount of pollution.

The majority of plastics that emit a significant amount of air pollution when burned are slated to be transformed into a material with numerous advantages.

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Follow the 3R method – Reduce air pollution

Other than the 3R methods, there are different types of garbage that cannot undergo any of the aforementioned procedures and must be disposed of properly.

Through proper disposal, we may reduce the influence on the ecosystem by identifying the most effective disposal approach for a given substance through a series of material analysis stages.

3. Quite Smoking

Tabaco smoke is recognized as one of the worst experience-creating factors for both the user and the surrounding population, resulting in a wide array of air pollution-related medical issues.

More importantly, the combustion of a single cigarette produces over 7,000 distinct chemical compounds, which are ten times more harmful than diesel vehicle smoke.

A few of the common medical conditions associated with tobacco use include:

  1. Heart disease
  2. Stroke
  3. Lung diseases
  4. Diabetes
  5. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  6. Risk for tuberculosis
  7. Problems of the immune system
  8. Rheumatoid arthritis.

If you or someone close to you is a smoker with an addiction, you should try to quit for everyone’s sake. The majority of those who are dependent on it do not consider it an obsession.

Consider it an activity that can be stopped at any time. However, nicotine is the factor in cigarettes that made this possible.

Reduce air pollution
Smoke is the worst habit – Reduce air pollution

To read about more – Why Smoking a Cigarette is Worst?

All forms of smoke are toxic. Due to the strong community of smokers who are addicted to cigarettes, however, cigarette smoke cannot be regulated like regular contaminated smoke.

4. Grow Your Own Good

Growing your own food is an innovative practice for decreasing the environmental impact of a variety of environmental protection measures.

The vast majority of organic products are produced without the use of pesticides, chemicals, or other air-polluting activities. For instances;

  1. No addition of pesticide vapor to the atmosphere as food products.
  2. No air pollution during the product’s transportation
  3. There is no use of packaging equipment
  4. No deferment of chemical usage

The majority of locally cultivated foods are regarded as safe and dependable, and their production involves the least amount of industrialization.

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Grow your own vegetables – Reduce air pollution

Although this may appear to be a minor effort to reduce air pollution, each individual’s participation can have a significant impact on the whole initiative.

5. Try Electric Vehicles

The use of electric vehicles is a contentious issue when we consider that the electricity used in electric cars is produced in power plants that burn fossil fuels, so contributing to additional air pollution.

This serves as a pleasant reminder that energy consumption cannot reach 100 percent without damaging the environment, as is commonly believed. As a result, minimizing this damage is the primary objective we must pursue, rather than simply wasting time on reducing air pollution.

Reduce air pollution
Try an electric vehicle instead gas – Reduce air pollution

However, the electric car’s fuel economy is commendable when compared to other gas-guzzling vehicles. Electric vehicles can go greater distances on electricity at a lower cost and with less air pollution than regular vehicles.

Although there are additional downsides to these vehicles in the future, they will be a wise investment for the environment and your budget.

6. Use Sustainable Products

Sustainable products, also known as eco-friendly products, are essential for continuing product development on the right track by minimizing environmental effects.

Even though recycling is assumed to be the future of waste management, only 9 percent of plastic can be transformed into recycled material, while more than 12 percent is burnt.

The remaining plastic, however, gets mixed with dirt and buried beneath the precious soil layer, degrading the ecosystem’s viability. There comes a time when we must all reconsider supporting plastic or low-cost, easily-made things.

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Sustainable products – Reduce air pollution

To ensure a better future for the earth’s existence, the entire planet requires eco-friendlier materials that keep access to our ecosystem in a broader view.

Under these kinds of guidelines, individuals are increasingly focusing on producing products with minimal impact that can be managed at a substantial level. As an example;

  1. Zero Waste Shopping Equipment Ethical Accessories
  2. Planet-Friendly Pet Equipment
  3. Accessories and Reusable Containers for Beverages
  4. Sustainable Picnic, Camping, and Travel Goods
  5. Green household items
  6. Sustainable Fashion and Footwear

The majority of products are highly recommended as materials and considerably more convenient to use than dangerous plastic.

7. Plant a Tree

Planting is the most well-known form of air pollution prevention. As a concept, trees are the primary factories that regulate the global climate. This is the reason why they are referred to be mother nature’s lungs. However, there is an issue here.

The majority of programs initiate tree-planting initiatives with initial expenditures. With the passage of time, though, everything has gotten neglected.

Reduce air pollution
Plant a tree – Reduce air pollution

In Sri Lanka, a project known as the ” 1% concept” existed. The intention was to expand the country’s forest cover by 1 percent. That resembled a target. In addition, the amusing reality was that they planted trees on the occasion of life, including birthdays, weddings, etc.

They believed that the tree was a representation of the life-changing event and that it should continue to exist in the same manner.

Likewise, planting trees should not be the same old concept of watering and just looking after them. There should be a system that adds financial and social value to keep that as the sustainable goal with respect to existing current social conditions.

Similarly, planting a tree is not limited to earth protection. But also as a precious memento of the path through life.

Reduce air pollution is not a project of the government or one bigger company. As a community, we should give our priority to achieving that target even in single dollar social weight.

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