Why Your Kitchen Smoke Be Hazardous

Kitchen Smoke

We all love to cook from home other than go-outs. If you are a cooking person it might be a much thrilling experience than others. Even from our younger days, we all prefer to have a lunch prepared by our mom other than having it from outside. It’s kind of huge cooking culture. But one fact we mostly neglected is, being the best cook, also the best way to have bad exposure to an unhealthy atmosphere of the kitchen smoke.

Even though we do not care about it much, from daily exposure many communities in the kitchen who prepare our meal in the best taste, are suffering from several respiratory diseases without any clue.

Therefore from today know your facts I would like to talk about this hazardous condition in kitchen smoke, and aware of you for better understanding. Read and Enjoy.

According to the records of the WHO over 3.8 million deaths around the globe are caused due to household air pollution annually.

Also Over 3 billion-plus people globally rely on polluting energy sources for cooking – kitchen smoke. Also, more than outdoors indoor air pollution can be much worse according to the EPA estimates. I think you can imagine the reason behind that also.

How the kitchen Smoke give night mires

In cooking, most people assume that the burning process is the reason behind all the air pollution activity. But that air pollution can be divided into two main parts. Air contaminants can be generated both in

  1. Burning (heating source)
  2. Cooking ( from Foods)

Normally, people use several heat source methods for daily cooking. Gas, Wood, kerosene, coal and also electricity are the main ones of them.

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Unless Its Electric It gives Smoke

When comparing to each other, electricity can be ranked as an energy source that creates the least amount of air contaminants during the burning process. Unlike gas and wood, it is much efficient and less time-consuming in cooking.

It creates heat by converting electric energy into thermal energy without burning any material.

Unlike electricity, wood gas and coal burning create a considerable amount of contaminants into air as well as into food also. It might be carbon dioxide or with a low amount of oxygen level, it might be toxic carbon monoxide or formaldehyde.

If you are a person who is suffering from diseases like asthma, pneumonia, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cardiovascular disease like respiratory system illness, any kind of exposure to a considerable level of air contaminant level as mentioned above, outcomes might be uncontrollable.

Apart from the smoke generated by the energy source, smoke liberated by the food in the cooking process and smoke adsorbed by food can be toxic to our health anyway.

Mostly in barbequing and grilling, it created a very inhospitable environment in a kitchen.

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Barbeques and Grilling are the Worst kitchen smoke

This the reason why barbequing stays outside and barbequed food and that smoke consider as much unhealthy and toxic most times. To read more click here.

What are the toxic contaminants that Generate in the kitchen smoke?

When we discuss indoor air pollution in kitchen smoke, there are several air contaminants on the list with our awareness. It can be seen

1. Carbon Oxides ( Carbon Monoxide / Carbon dioxide)

Carbon oxides are a frequent side-product of most hydrocarbon burnings. Depend on oxygen level, it decides which oxide can be generated.

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Carbon Oxides are running the front

Mostly level of CO (carbon monoxide) is the most critical one due to it can directly impact your respiratory system and give you sudden and client death.

According to the records, 51 % of the kitchens in the United States, CO level much higher than 9 ppm which is EPA standards. 5 % above for CO2 level which is higher than 200 ppm standards.

Compared with CO, CO2 is non-toxic gas that produces any kind of burning. But indoor, due to a limited amount of space it can give you drowsiness, headache, and lead to a “stuffy” feeling eventually.

2. Nitrogen Oxide

As we all know nitrogen is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere and with a higher level of energy it can generate its oxides which are a very respiratory irritant.

When we are using burners, inside our kitchen its ignition generates Nitrogen gas oxide which is a direct health hazard for patients with asthma.

Apart from that In ambient conditions, direct exposure to nitrogen oxides, the eyes, and associated membranes may lead to eye irritation with high gaseous nitrogen dioxide concentrations (Reference).

3. Particulate Matter ( PM 2.5 )

In most residential kitchens particulate matter (PM 2.5) generate from cooking-oil fumes at a higher level. If you do not aware of particle matter click here to read our article about air contaminants to take a better understanding of it.

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If your Using Energy Source unless Electricity Always Be careful

Unlike other air contaminants PM 2.5 capable of penetrate your respiratory system and mix up with blood and impact your other organs in a small amount of time.

When there is barbequing or grilling indoor covered space is always good condition to develop these contaminants all-around home. For better protection outdoor is always recommended.

4. Water Vapor

You might be confused why the water vapor act as a contaminant indoors. Normally, we know in the daily cooking process in the kitchen water vapor is releasing from food while heating it or any kind of boiling.

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Same as Burning kitchen smoke, food can also release air contaminants

These vapor droplets can easily go through the atmosphere and settle down the indoor wall and other surfaces. This situation eventually leads to developing indoor molds and direct reason for the number of diseases even though we disregard it.

Apart from that, there are several air contaminants and also food impacting reason in kitchen. Depend on that impact on your health can be changed and varied.

Also, most homes have in-plugged smoke detectors which are great to be away from these gases but the point is, it is much easy to fix our daily routine in a proper manner other than dealing with smoke detectors from time to time.

What can do Reduce the impact of kitchen Smoke

In the process of the control the situation it is practically impossible to get rid of the kitchen’s health hazard condition 100%.

If you are a mother or person frequently dealing with the kitchen, the impact can be reduced to a considerable level. So let’s go through to figure out what can we do to manage this situation.

1. Upgrade Ventilation System

The ventilation system is the most required thing you need to worry about here. Depend on your kitchen burner placement you have to change the ventilation system.

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grade your Ventilation system time to time

Today modern kitchen have their ventilation which absorbs all smoke comes from the burners like hood fans. Due to the limited amount of space, it is a practical step that has to be taken even on the legal side also.

Even though you have already fixed a ventilation system in your kitchen, from time to time clean them properly. It is a weakness in most kitchens due to a busy lifestyle.

Another main mistake you do is heating the home using the smoke coming from the kitchen by shutting down the ventilation system. Mostly this can be seen in winter.

Even though this heat up space, it is extremely dangerous. Any leakage of toxic gas can be very hazardous in closed spaces.

2. Tune the Burners

Even though you are using a better ventilation system, using a properly tuned burner is much effective in consumption. If it burns a higher energy level for low heat generation or if it releases a higher smoke output in smoking you need to get help from a specialist to level it up according to your needs.

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Tune the burners for better kitchen smoke output

Also, usage of electric oven burners is much convenient in your pocket as well as to your health.

But it is okay to use gas burners with balanced performances. If there is a full burn you can be seen blue flames. In the latest burners, there are functions to control the flame and its efficiency without expecting help from experts.

3. Use Air purifiers

Another best way to get rid of air contaminants in the kitchen is the usage of air purifiers. Unlike a ventilation system in your kitchen, it can absorb the most level of air pollutants, smoke particles which cannot be removed as mobile.

Mostly, heavy particles like PM 2.5 and other toxic chemical air-borne particles can also be easily removed.

The main advantage of an air purifier is after you cook, it can be easily taken into another place and chill out there also.

4. Use kitchen Smoke Detectors

Legally very homes in most of the states have to set up smoke detection alarms as a public security concern.

But if you have not already set it up, we highly recommend it for proper protection. Most of the people turn that off due to, alarm it time to time which feels annoying.

But you can not assure a danger of that as that simple.

5. Get help from Specialist

For once a while it is okay to get expert guidance to maintain your safety. Mostly, you might confuse about the maximum risky locations in your kitchen where most air contaminant can easily be gathered.

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Get ready with Experts

Using proper calculation and knowledge, experts lead you to set up a ventilation system in the kitchen and fix other safety requirements with lessor amount of cost.

Otherwise, you have to pay huge bills with no idea at all.

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