7 Tips to have Good Night Sleep – Know Your Facts


Did you have a good sleep last night? Unless it was Friday party night or a long weekend, surely it might be nothing but the end of a stressful workday. If you got a bad sleep night, surely, there will be no rise and shines in the morning.

The rest of the day will be something, not an easy thing to deal with. But did you know to keep our sleeping cycles better way there are easy tips we can be followed, even though you are super working complexly person?

Therefore, from today’s know your facts we decided to talk about what is a good night’s sleep, what it looks like when you have not got a night of better sleep, and finally, what can we do to fix it to have a much better rise in the morning.

So stay with us. Read and enjoy.

What is a Better “Good Night Sleep”?

Most of us think a good night’s sleep is something like Sleep at night and the next day wake up with fresh smiles.

But, Is that all? Actually, it’s more than that. Good night sleep should be corrected as healthy sleep in a certain way. Because it is a fact that most of the times good sleep is directly related to your health and in physical mental wellbeing in whole other ways.

sleep wake
Good Night Sleep

As indicators wise how can we figure out we got a good night’s sleep last night.

  1. As soon as you wake up you feel like “you found something missing”
  2. In the morning you feel like “I just born”. No problems are coming to the mind as soon as you awake
  3. Waking up feeling refreshed in the morning
  4. Having lots of energy during the day- you feel like “I can run a thousand miles all along”
  5. Being in a good mood all the day
  6. Feeling clear-headed – One best thing in the morning is to have a focused mindset with fresh sleep at last night

Apart from that having a good sleep cycle is always depending on the proper sleeping pattern.

Because scientifically reports have proven, there is a direct relationship between sleeping schedule and diseases like obesity, heart disease, depression, and impaired immune functions. (reference)

This sleeping time period can be depending on your age group, genetics, lifestyle, and environment you live with.

AgeLife StageDaily Sleep Requirements
0-3 monthsNewborns14-17 hrs
4-11 monthsInfants12-15 hrs
1-2 yearsToddlers11-14 hrs
3-5 yearsPreschoolers10-13 hrs
6-13 yearsSchool agers9-11 hrs
14-17 yearsTeenagers8-10 hrs
18-25 yearsYounger Adults7-9 hrs
26-64 yearsAdults7-9 hrs
65+ yearsOlder Adults7-9 hrs
Sleeping time period can be depending on your age group

How do I Know, I don’t get better Sleep?

So when we refer above chart, we can see normal person should have at least a 7-hour sleep time minimum. But the time period you spend in bed does not define the quality of the better sleep every time.

Bad Sleep last night ?

Health condition you deal with, mental condition you suffer from, and other office and family problems impact on daily routine can indirectly change your sleeping cycles without any clue (even though how good it was last night).

If you do not have proper periods of sleep following symptoms might give you an idea.

  1. It feels like you do not need to have slept even though night has come
  2. Addicted to Caffeine near bedtime
  3. After you have wake up, beginning the day feels exhausted and sleepy
  4. Stay hours in bed without falling asleep
  5. When you wake up in the morning- not feel like well sleep or well-rested
  6. Reduced performance or trouble focusing at school, work, or sports

If you are currently suffering from bad sleep, apart from these symptoms, it has become an indirect reason for several bad health conditions as mentioned above.

Easy tips to have Good Night Sleep

There are number of ways of practical and easy tricks to have better sleep at night even though you have a very tight schedule.

Due to healthy sleep cycle is directly attached not only with the mental health but also for the physical wellbeing these steps are very helpful in every aspect.

1. Take a Relaxing Bath

Having a bath or showers are one of the best ways to have the best sleep. Here mostly we are talking relaxation in a bathtub or being under a hot shower.

olena sergienko VUctfL2pN0Y unsplash 1
Relaxing Bath

It’s okay to have it before 1-2 hours before bed. The most recommend temperature level in the bath is 104-109 Fahrenheit for perfect sleep.

Normally, while we sleeping our body temperature is decreasing by a few Fahrenheit with its relaxation. But, when your body already is at a higher temperature level, it feels easy to make that temperature drop in a short time period.

Due to this, the body sends a signal to produce melatonin hormone, which causes your sleeping cycle start-summons sleeping angles.
Also with higher temperature levels by expanding blood vessels, our blood can easily be transported and the nerve system can be get relaxed in a short period of time.

Which is another way to decrease your stress hormones releasing with a butt load of work pressure after an exhausting busy day.

2. Set up Your Bedroom Environment

Most people do not worry about their sleeping environment at all. They care about spending few hours as relaxing time.

But it does not give what they want in any aspect and make the case worse. In another way reduce efficiency and increase your tiredness and creates extra heavy to head.

spacejoy nEtpvJjnPVo unsplash
Keep Things Clean

Therefore, not into high maintenance level, cleaned well hyenic comfort room gives you quick sleeps in any minutes. To make that environment you can do little things once in a while.

2.1 Use comfortable pillows and bed sheet covers and mattress
2.2 Keep your room well clean daily
2.3 Setup a thermostat to manage the temperature in the room
2.4 Use an air purifier to clean the indoor atmosphere
2.5 Clean your pillows and bedsheets regular periods

Most studies have proven that one of the main reasons for bad sleep is an unhealthy environment. Noisy backgrounds, artificial light popping outs also create an inhospitable nature when you come back after a stressful workday.

So if you try to keep those down, it makes you much reach too many sleepy dreams.

3. Don’t Drink Caffeine Late in the Day

Did you know more than 85 % of the population in the USA daily consumes at least any kind of caffeinated beverage?

It capable of increase your focus, energy, break down sleepiness, and keep you on a straight track for a longer period of time. According to the records, any caffeinated beverage taken 6 hours before your sleep can impact your sleep cycles. Because caffeine can be active inside your body for up to 6-8 hours normally.

andrew neel TTPMpLl 2lc unsplash
Limit Your Caffeine intake

Apart from that, it can cause cardiovascular health problems as a long-term risk. Therefore, usage of these beverages should be limited and also set up with as not to impact your nightlife.

The thing you have to remember is limiting these does not mean you should stop it entirely like smoking. Usage of caffeine is a better way of stimulating alertness and act as an energy drink. Use it wisely and keep it away from your nights of sleep. (reference)

4. Reduce Time Exposure to Blue Light

Even we don’t know our body has designed with sensitivity to the number of parameters of the outside to its operations with an evaluation of mankind.

One of the main ones there is getting sleep at night. Our hormones especially have been designed to develop a link between light and our sleep to keep our inner metabolism aka circadian rhythm in a proper manner.

allgo an app for plus size people V7FXIkFEpYg unsplash
Try to stay from mobiles at bed

Circadian rhythm is the range of processes of the body (including sleeping) that is influenced strongly by light exposure. Depend on light exposure to your body, circadian rhythm decides the activities of the body as a daily routine.

Before the 21st century, our exposure to light was natural sunlight and electricity. But with technology has come, the bucket has filled usage of the mobile phones and other electronic devices which come with blue light.

If you have exposed this blue light to a longer period of time these our circadian rhythm gets misled signals as a higher level of activity of the body. In another way, our body is trying to control our sleeping hormones as which jam your sleeping cycle.

So you have to stay several hours on the bed as- “night has come where are my sleeping angels?” when you don’t have a mobile phone in your hand like other days.

Apart from juggling your sleeping cycle, this makes worse your metabolism and be the direct reason for excessive weight gain, the creation of cardiovascular problems, and perhaps even an elevated cancer risk too.

So practical way is trying to stay away from mobile devices in the daytime and another kind of misleading habits. Like even after you go into bed with touching your smartphone etc.

You know what I am talking about. Otherwise, you have to use filtration to be protected with help of software applications and glasses, if you need compulsorily. ( reference)

5. Have a Small Workout in the Morning or Evening

The first thing is this should be not before your bedtime. And not in Sevier level cardio burn. Mostly, moderate aerobic exercises or yoga are what we are talking about here, which suitable for all kinds of age levels in any case.

kike vega F2qh3yjz6Jk unsplash
Have Small Workouts

These exercises are practically generating stability in your body and in your mental condition which boosts the effect of natural sleep hormones such as melatonin.

And also after a good workout, our body temperature rises eventually. So it an equal situation like to having relaxing while hot bath. After few minutes our body starts to release the heat outside.

This eventually helpful to develop calmness inside with a sleeping nature. (reference)

6. Cut Long Daytime Naps all the Time

Daytime naps are surely okay with a busy life schedule. If so, when you are addicted, when it has two to three hours of resting in day time more often, it directly impacts your inner sleeping clock.

After a sufficient amount of sleep has been taken in napping time, sleep becomes excessive which creates uncomfortable wake-ups throughout the night. But it can be depending on the person to person.

If you are good with napping as well as sleep at night quite well, that is surely okay. But that practice can differ from another one in all different ways.

If you do need obvious napping times, do it in a short period of time. Use an alarm clock. Otherwise, nights may be too long.

7. Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Most of our community consider being a sort of alcoholic as a method of relaxation, the technique of reducing your stress hormones.

Even so, when there is an excessive intake, passing your limits, can directly jam your sleeping habits and other healthy balances.

wil stewart UErWoQEoMrc unsplash
Reduce Alcohol

When you have taken an extra amount of alcohol, your liver needs to metabolize those alcohol levels and when the blood alcohol level is decreasing with function, your body needs an extra amount of time to spend in sleep which leads to a sleeping disorder.

When you practicing this long period of time it can cause complex diseases like Insomnia.

But depending on a person’s age, body type, reaction to alcohol these conditions also can be varied from person to person. (reference)

Our sleeping cycle is a normal and main activity of our body to it protected and keep relax from excessive work and stressful life pattern. If you follow a normal daily routine with stay happy with a relaxing lifestyle, it might be the best maintenance you can give to it, to keep our sleep healthy path all over the night.

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