7 Tips to have Cooled Upstairs in this Summer


Still summer, right? Am I the only one who worries about having sweaty nights and bad dreams? Is that issue of the home air conditioner or global warming? I don’t think so. Even so, what can we do? You have come to the right place. We all know if you got heated upstairs entire house comes burning an oven. Therefore, from today’s we are going to talk about what can we do to have cooled upstairs in Know Your Facts. Read and enjoy.

1. Check for Poor Sealing, Insulation, and Ventilation

When we are talking about cooling our upstairs, most of us are worrying about the “please check out your air conditioner or HVAC”. But we all know even though we have already got a good air conditioner, upstairs cannot be cooled down as expected.

When you have got poor sealing and insulation, automatically leaks the developed atmosphere inside the home.

Even though the air conditioner is working at maximum capacity, efficiency can be easily degrading with low coverage of proper sealing techniques.

summer ventilation
Check for Poor Sealing, Insulation, and Ventilation

In this process, you need to give your attention mostly to the home attic and attic entrance. Because when the roof is getting heat up properly sealed attic can manage the leak that heats to down floors.

With a proper study of your attic, if you are managed to seal it, you can manage to set up multi-layer insulation or solar fans to upgrade the insulation process.

It’s a practical way of bounce off the heating rays that fall into the outside roof with a minimum amount of absorption.

If you want to upgrade indoor sealing, Insulation, professional guidance is the best way of doing that. Because without proper involvement situation fix them up might be getting worst without any guarantee.

When you are running an air conditioner windows and doors are other things you have to be worried about most as “well-sealed”.

Auto closers can have installed to minimize leakage of the indoor atmosphere.

One of the main mistakes you are doing is opening the windows as soon as turn on the air conditioner assuming no cooled air will come upstairs. Normally, depending on the atmospheric condition, room capacity and efficiency of the air conditioner the time which has been taken to cool down the upstairs can be varied.

Sometimes there might be a block in the HVAC system. Therefore, assuming it does not work properly open windows make unwanted weight on the air conditioner machine and your electricity bills also.

2. Block the Summer Sun

The main rays coming from the sun that give the heat are UV rays and visible light. If we are managed to block them somehow, lessor amount of heat come upstairs even can be easily managed by other methods.

Normally, cover the windows with curtains or tinted for UV cut thin layers are the best way in the block we often can be seen.

rina samarets jBAliKmq0Fg unsplash
Curtain Against Summer Sun

If you are managed to set up a better indoor air cooling system, you can set up to use thick and weighted curtains for windows. They are can minimize the leak of sunlight through window gaps that come inside and also increase the indoor heat level.

But they are much capable of keeping the temperature inside the room also protected. So unless you are using good air condition inside, go with normal simple curtains which give you good sunblock in the summer.

When you are using tinted glass it can be the most economical better way of using the temperature for your benefit.

Most tinted glasses can block the sunlight up to 99% of UV rays. So it helps to keep the cool inside room. Also not only in summer in winter it becomes helpful by keeping the indoor warmth protected.

Apart from that, tinted windows are very helpful in protecting the natural tone of the metal furniture too.

3. Place an Air Purifier

If you are giving full weight to “Make your atmosphere into a better place” to HAVC, it is not a practical situation of management of good productivity. HAVC in-home manages your indoor air condition as well as keeps it up with better air filtration.

So in this summer, the main purpose of HAVC should be to keep the indoor temperature at a comfort level with this burning atmosphere.

If you are giving extra load to keep the air clean also, the HAVC system cannot be operated under its best performance.

Usage of an air purifier much beneficial at that point.

When you using an air purifier upstairs, place it in the most suitable place. Otherwise, it does not give it maximum efficiency to the outside. Also keep it clean same as HAVC, replace the filters from time to time, and set up to operate it properly.

4. Set up a Fan

Set up a fan is another practical way of developing a cool and comfortable environment inside anywhere of your room.

By setting up a ceiling fan middle of a room, you can feel the cool wind all around you. You can also use a pedestal fan instead of that. But, the practical disadvantage is they are not much efficient in electricity usage.

If you care more about cool down the entire room, ceiling fans are much fruitful. pedestal fans are much convenient in small rooms or specific locations aimed at cooling.

zhanjiang chen LaYwCsZsvcg unsplash
Set Up Your Fan

If an air conditioner or HAVC system is already operating, do not shut it down after switch on your fan. Running both is a much efficient way of gathering the much cool inside and fan give support to other by adding extra advantage to its duty.

On the hottest summer day, after switch ON the ceiling fan you can keep the container of water inside the room.

Eventually, with the heat, water drops are getting evaporate inside the room and by the circular airstream of the fan, they create extra humidity inside the room after a while.

This is a practical way of keeping your night dreams cool.

5. Switch Your Light Bulbs in Summer

When we are using bulbs for lighting, one thing you have to keep in mind is in a normal bulb, more than 90% of the energy is transforming into heat, not into light.

the blowup C9uulXGmsYg unsplash
Switch Your Bulbs

But normally that heat energy cannot make a considerable amount of impact on heat rise in a room.

But if you are using a tungsten bulb with yellow light there is a practical heat arise can be developed inside a room when it is using a long period of time.

That’s why they are much recommended on winter season nights.
If you are using tungsten bulbs, the best thing is to switch them into CFL or white bulbs which run with the best efficiency.

6. Do Heat Work Outside in Summer

The main reason behind the having heated up house in summer is the heat-generating activities which try to do inside.

edgar castrejon s6BrlKXy7e0 unsplash 1
Minimize Your Heat Work

Mostly if you can manage to do cooking and oven using stuff outside, it might be much helpful in summer to create a much cooler environment inside.

Also, most of the time try to be outside instead of being in the home or upstairs in the daytime period with your activities. Otherwise, the indoor heated up upstairs environment makes you uncomfortable and adds extra heat inside the house also.

It becomes much helpful with running conveniently for HAVC at night time in high productivity.

7. Keep indoor Plants

Stay green is one of the practical ways of being cool in summer. There are number of plants you can try to keep inside your rooms.

huy phan EleyBNnodCY unsplash
Go with inside green

There are very helpful in creating better ventilation and create a purified atmosphere in your upstairs. For an example;

  1. Snake Plant Laurentii
  2. Aloe Vera
  3. Pothos
  4. ZZ plants
  5. Spider Plant
  6. Dracaena Gold Star

Can be given. Most of them are used for indoor décor purposes. But it is very economical best to keep your upstairs fresh and cool.

When you’re selecting a plant check always whether is it recommended to keep inside nighttime also. Because even though some of them are very home décor friendly, they create a load of CO2 at night time which gives hazardous environment even at home.

When you placing a plant make sure to keep it near a window or air conditioner.

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