5 Easy Tips You Can do to Reduce Air Pollution – Know Your Facts

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We all know with the development of the world, everything has become easy, simple and reliable. It seems like everyone is happy with sky-touching buildings and beautiful globalization concepts. Industries and million of factories are fulfilling the huge daily requirements of the people. Everything seems quite fine. Actually, You and I see the earth as a magical habitat of living.

But the sad truth is without our attention earth is dying day after day. Environmental pollution creates unseen endless tragic movies without any ticketing issue. The worst-case climax has not come and the “best actor” the air pollution is not on the stage yet. We are still trying to plant trees on mars without protecting home ground. But if you do your part right, everyone can made the earth a better place. From today’s article, we are trying to give Easy Tips You can do to reduce Air Pollution by yourself in KNOW YOUR FACTS 5 Easy Tips You Can do to Reduce Air Pollution.

One main reason for the air pollution is productional smoke release by industrial factories. You may obviously ask, should we do a protesting against that to stop air pollution. Actually, those are the factors that can not be controlled by a single person. We can do our part and be a motivation to another one. As it says one can change a thousand. First, start yourself.

1. Go Green

Planting is the most famous wow factor of the air protection between all. As a concept, trees are the major factories that control the atmospheric condition on earth. That is the reason why they say they are the so-called lung of mother nature. But there is some issue here.

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Go planting

Most of the programs are starting tree planting projects with spending money at the beginning. But with the times, everything has become something neglected.

In a country called Sri Lanka, there was a project called “ 1% idea”. The meaning of that was to increase the forest coverage of the country by 1%. Which was like a target. Also, the fun fact was they were they planted trees on the special occasion of life. For example for birthdays, weddings, etc. They assumed that tree like a representation of that life-valuable event and it should keep existing the same as that memorable occasion.
Likewise, you can also plant a tree, not for just earth protection. But also as a valuable souvenir of the life journey.

2. Use Public Transportation

One of the main ways of adding air contaminants to the atmosphere is smoke from the internal combustion engine. Due to vehicle gas extracted from petroleum, the burning of gas in the engine gives quite a several unhealthy air pollutants every day. Due to most vehicles are stuck between traffic jams, it may give unpredictable burning anyway. But how can we exist without vehicles? The answer is public transportation.

car smoke air pollution
Use Public Transportation

Did you know most of the cars only transport a single person each time when they engage? According to statistics 48 of car persons can easily fit into a bus on daily basis. No one can force anyone to not use a car which is a straight fact.

But consider how much money to can save when you use public transportation instead of gas to get into the office daily. If there are 1000 persons like you, think about the reduction of traffic and the time you can save. You can neglect the fact “Protection of the air” ( even though It is the primary). Use a car for your neediest life purpose. Try for a month. You will extra weight in your purse surely.

3. Tune your Engine – Reduce the Air pollution

So if you are a car person, 100% sure you may like car rides daily. But as mentioned above it gives a stock load of air pollutants to the atmosphere from every ride. Most guides are leading people toward to use catalytic converters to smoke outlet. It can capable of filtering some of the air contaminants in the first place. But the fact is you have to replace them from time to time and it seems quite expensive.

Therefore the best way to get rid of the bad car bad combustion is engine tuning. In this process, experts fix the engine gas usage with oxygen for maximum combustion. This helps the engine to reduce the workload and reduce the gas amount you have to use anyway.

Even though the engines are fully tuned for combustions it gives an amount of gas burning to the atmosphere. Therefore use a catalytic converter for a tuned engine is much beneficial.

4. Don’t Smoke – Reduce the Air Pollution

Don’t Smoke

A smoke cigarette is one of in household air pollutant factors. Your small one cigarette gives more than 40 toxic compounds to the atmosphere. Even some say it ain’t pollute that much checkout the daily route of smokers. Most smokers are using more than 2 cigars anyway.

From USA records there are over 14% of Americans use cigars daily as an average. Then consider the amount of toxic that people try to inhale each day. If someone says, smokers are the only victim here, there are active and passive kinds of users in the smoking.

Most of the active users are smoking through filters and passive users are the crowd around smokers. Mostly family people. That is the reason for having kids with bad lungs. Therefore, stop smoking gives quite help for healthy air anyways. But the tragedy is most people who make noise against industrial air pollution are good smokers themselves.

5. Try Solar Panels

solar panel
Go with Air Panels

We all know the usage of the solar panel is quite a good explanation for energy conservation. How does it help to reduce air pollution? The fact is most of the Volatile Organic Compounds which are air contaminants come from electrical utility plants. And also daily fossil burning in the petroleum plants are doing another major role here.

Install solar panel set up is expensive as we know a few years ago. But if nowadays, if you got the requirement it is quite affordable. Also, nature-friendly vehicles and utilities are becoming the new trend in the future. Which can be helpful to your body also pocket anyway.

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